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How do you change a 2002 dodge Dakota to keyless entry?



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I am currently doing something that I think is similar. I have a 2001 Dakota and wanted to convert from manual door locks to automatic in conjunction with a remote controlled alarm system. follow the link, (I will add it to the links section on the left ) for ( outfit my car ) There it will list all kinds of things that work on your car. I had an aftermarket stereo that I want to install easily and cleanly with an Ipod adapter and I also wanted to alarm it with automatic locks which it does not have now. I bought the dash kit for the stereo install, wiring harness for direct hook up to the trucks existing plug, an alarm system ( that also connects to the truck harness ) with 2 remotes, 2 door lock actuators all for $197. Ya cant beat that. plus they automatically know what size speakers you need and what stereos will fit.