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1) Disconnect the negative side of the battery.

2) Loosen the wheel nuts, raise the vehicle and support it on jack-stands

3) Remove the wheel

4) Remove the drive-axle hub nut and washer.

NOTE: you will need a hard to find 1 1/4 inch (or 30mm) deep-well socket for this step.

5) Loosen the drive-axle from the hub splines by tapping on the end of the drive-axle with a soft-faced hammer. If no soft faced hammer us a block of wood and standard hammer.

NOTE: Don't attempt to push the drive-axle through the hub until the steering knuckle is removed. If the drive-axle is stuck in the hub splines and won't move, it may be necessary to remove the brake disc and push it from the hub with a puller. Once the drive-axle is loose from the splilne you will see significant movement and will be able to wiggle it with you hand.

6) Place a drain pan beneath the trans-axle to catch the lubricant that will spill from the transmission when the drive-axle is removed.

7) Remove the two bolts holding the strut to the steering knuckle.

NOTE: these are splined (not threaded) bolts and must be driven out. Use a two pound sledge hammer making sure not to round the end of the bolts. Depending on the vehicle age and condition anything from gentle tapping to heating the knuckle with a torch and beating the hell out of the bolts may be necessary for removal.

8) Separate the steering knuckle from the strut.

9) Remove the cotter pin from the ball-joint and remove the nut. You may may be able to use a prybar to separate the steering knuckle from the ball-joint shaft, but it's likely you will need to use a Pickle fork.

10) Detatch the drive-axle from the hub and remove the steering knuckle.

NOTE: Don't let the drive-axle hang as it can damage the trans-axle inner joint.

11) Have the new drive-axle ready to install in the trans-axle as soon as you remove the old one. This will help reduce the loss of lubricating fluid.

12) Pry the inner drive-axle out of the trans-axle

NOTE: The drive-axle is connected to the transmission with a female spline. The drive-axle requires a sharp impulse (not steady pressure) to remove it so it may be necessary to sharply rap the prybar. Be careful not to crack the transmission case with the prybar.

13) insert the new drive-axle shaft immediately into the transaxle. Reverse the above to complete installation.

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Q: How do you change a 94 Corsica drivers side drive axle?
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