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open the hood. look towards the windshield on the passenger side. there are small plastic clips that are very easy to lose holding the cover on. use some Duct Tape to hold the top of the clip while gently pulling up. inside you will see the air filter. it might just need a good brushing off.

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You have to have the hood up. Remove plastic liner at the bottom of the windshield by taking out the clips in the rubber liner. The cabin air filter is on the passenger side. Once you have the plastic cover off you should be able to see the filter. I did this using the direction my dealership parts department associate printed out for me.

Honda 200sx ? no such car its eather a Honda s2000 or a Nissan 200sx

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go to halfords and get ripped off

The Honda S2000 is a roadster that was manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. The Honda S2000 uses a four cylinder gasoline engine.

A Honda s2000 car can be purchased at any local Honda delearship and also any garage that has had a range of Honda s2000 cars given to them by existing customers.

Though this is for installing a reusable K&N air filter, the method of doing so is the same if you were replacing a stock air filter. Watch the video below...

vauxhall signum Honda s2000 vauxhall signumHonda s2000

The S2000 is faster and is governed at 138 mph. The Honda Accord is governed at 120 mph.

the quarter mile time for a 2007 Honda S2000 is 14.39 seconds

A 2013 Honda s2000 costs in upper $20,000 range to the lower $30,000s.

The amount of horsepower a Honda s2000 has depends on the rpms and the model. For example, the Honda 2000-2003 AP1 s2000 has approximately 237 hp (177 kW) at a rate of 7800 rpm.

None. The S2000 did not exists in 1993.

The S2000 takes 5.1 Quarts of Oil.

Information on a Honda s2000 Turbo can be found on the Honda website or through a Honda dealer. There are also third party sources of information available on the internet.

There a number of dealerships in the Boston area where you can buy a used Honda s2000. Herb Chambers Honda is a reputable dealership which has several Honda s2000's for sale currently to give you variety in color and functionality - such as automatic vs. manual for example.

No other plants outside of Japan manufacture the s2000.

Yes, they are an excellent roadster.

Honda S2000. 120hp/liter

Are you planning to convert your Accord to RWD? The S2000 has a longitudinal motor. The Accord has a transverse motor. It would not be easy.

Hold the Scan/RPT button down then press the 4 to change the hour or 5 to change the minute.

An s2000 turbo kit is used in Honda vehicles. The s2000 turbo kit is mainly used in Honda cars for street racing. The cost of one is pretty expensive costing over $3,000.00.

Honda S2000 car parts can be ordered online from various Honda forums. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you place your order for the various parts you want.

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