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There is a service flap in the rear quarter panel,inside the boot.Undo the two plastic nuts,release the wiring loom plug and then you can get to the rear lamp cluster.Replace bulbs as required by twisting out the holder.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 20:00:32
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Q: How do you change a brake light bulb on a 2002 vauxhall Astra 22 sri?
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How do you change park light bulb astra?

how do you change a parking light bulb on a vauxhall astra 06 plate please.

What does the orange light on the dashboard of a Vauxhall Astra mean with a car and a slippery road?

its your abs brake light coming on it stops car skidding on wet roads

How do you change a number plate light bulb on vauxhall astra?

Prise the holder out of the bumper, then the bulb is accessible

How to remove Vauxhall astra interior light?

Interior light for astra mk3 not coming on when door opened or headlight switch pulled.

Where is the fuse box for a Vauxhall Frontera to change the fuse for the brake light?

Drivers side dash, near the door.

How do you change brake light 2001 vauxhall corsa?

Remove the lense from the car then you will find a holder with all the bulbs in. change which ever bulb

How do you change a headlight on a vauxhall astra mk5?

Hi turn the wheels on full lock there is a flap in the wheel arch you access the head light bulbs there.

How do you turn an interior light on for a vauxhall astra mk3?

where you turn the headlights on pull the nob out

What colour are the brake light fuses in a vauxhall corsa?


What is the Brake light fuse number for vauxhall zafira?


Spanner light on vauxhall astra what does that mean?

Some things Wrong! Get it checked. Take it for a service!

Vauxhall astra dashboard warning lights?

i get a wee car on a bendy road light,what is it? This is Traction Control Light, to do with the Braking system,

Where is the fuse for the interior light on an 08 Vauxhall astra?


How do you change a side light bulb in Vauxhall Astra?

look up under wheel arch you will find a flap of plastic pull off and you can see bulbs Type your answer here...

Change center brake light on Hyundai?

what do you have to do to change the center brake light

Astra brake lights are stuck on?

Brake light switch has most likely come adrift from it's fitting

How do you turn out an engine warning light on an 02 plate Vauxhall Astra?

The light is on because there is a fault somewher. To turn the light of you fix the fault.

Why does the Coolant light on my Vauxhall Astra stay on?

if u changed thermostat it has to be reset so fan can turn on correctly

What is the orange engine light mean on vauxhall astra 1.6 2002?

on an earlier model it meant problems with ECU

Where is the brake light fuse in a vauxhall corsa?

Under The Steering Wheel

How do you change a brake light on a 2004 LS?

WHICH brake light?

What does error code 22 mean for vauxhall astra?

Although it may be entirely dependent on the exact model of the Vauxhall Astra most forums point to error code 22 as a right front sidelight failure which can be easily resolved by simply replacing the faulty light.

Where on a vauxhall astra mk4 1.6 is the inertia switch?

the interior light switch is the button that you turn your headlights on with, you have to pull it out to turn it on

Why is your battery and hand brake light on on your vauxhall combo?

ive put in brake fuild oil toped that up checked the battery level all ok still the battery light and hand brake light are still on...

How to change 2002 Nissan Altima brake light?

how to change a brake light on 2002 Nissan altima