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How to change a 93 Nissan Sentra dashboard light bulb.

If you are patient it can be done. The dash is held together with screws. If you look up from the perspective of the seat, you will be able to see them. Start to the left of the steering wheel, take those out. You will see two more on the opposite side of the steering wheel. Get them out. Then take the ones in the housing of the instrument panel itself. The center cowl (which includes the radio) will need to be loosened, but does not need to come out completely. If your steering wheel tilts, lower it as far as you can. Then wiggle the first piece of dash around the instrument panel and take it out. Just be careful to make sure that nothing is binding. There will be a little resistance, but it should come fairly easily.

You will see four more screws that hold the actual instrument panel in place. Take those out. Now for the fun part. Lie on your back with your head by the gas and brake pedals. Reach up till you find the speedometer cable. You will be able to feel it attach to the back of the instrument panel. There is a clip you will need to squeeze so that you can detach the cable. When you have done that, you can pull the panel out far enough to reach behind it and change the bulb you need to change. Replacement includes the whole base of the bulb.

This is a fair bit of trouble, but it is not impossible.

Installation is the same process, but in reverse.

You might find that after all that trouble, your dash is still not lit up. Be sure to check all possible fuses and relays before you go tearing the dash apart.

Good luck!

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Q: How do you change a bulb in a 1993 Nissan Sentra dashboard?
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