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How do you change a cabin filter in a Hyundai Sonata?

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To change the cabin air filter one needs to remove the glove box first. This is reasonably simple and involves a couple of screws, the rubber glove box limit pads, and a 10mm nut. The air filter is located in the heater assembly directly behind the glove box. The filter is removed by releasing the plastic clip holding the filter and withdrawing the filter forwards. (The filter is installed like a vertical drawer.). The Hyundai web site ( has a good description.

For a 2006, you simply slip the black ring off of the glove box clip on the right, and pull the left side of the glove box in slightly so the rubber glove box limit pad will clear it's channel. That allows the glove box to open forward and gives access to the heater assembly directly behind the glove box. The air filter holder is held in place by four plastic clips that you squeeze together in pairs to release the holder. Pull it out like a drawer. Remove the old filter by squeezing the top and bottom (or front and back, depending on how you hold it) of the filter together. This will bow the white plastic sides of the filter so that they clear the four small, black plastic protrusions from the sides of the holder that keep the filter in place. Reverse the process with the new filter and you are done. Takes about 10 minutes.


  • Open the glove box and remove the 2 rubber stop blocks from each side of the glove box.
    • First pull the stop block toward you (1).

    • Then pull the front edge in toward the inside of the glove box and pull it out to remove it (2).

  • Remove the glove box damper by gently pulling the mounting pin out, then feed the mounting pin through the hole. Hold/support the glove box to prevent it from swinging wide open when the damper is removed. Lower the glove box.


    For XG and Sonata produced after 3/29/03, skip to page 6.

  • Remove the 4 mounting screws for the glove box.
    • There are 2 cap screws with 10 mm heads (1).

    • The other 2 screws are Phillips head sheet metal screws (2).

  • Remove the glove box and set aside.
  • For Santa Fe and XG only:Remove the cover on the right side of the glove box. This will provide access to the mounting screws of the glove box and housing.
  • Remove the glove box housing.
    • Remove the 2 Phillips screws (1) on each side of the housing.

    • Remove the nut (2) on the stud behind the glove box latch.

    • Unplug the glove box lamp.

    • Slide out the housing and set i t aside.

  • Move the lower dash panel out of the way by disconnecting the plastic lock tabs and pushing the panel down enough to gain access to the cabin air filter access door.
  • After pushing the lower cover away, you now have access to the filter door and filter.
  • Use your finger to pull the lock tab down and toward you to remove the filter access door.
  • CAREFULLY remove the air filter by sliding it straight out. Rough handling of the filter during removal may spill debris into the evaporator case or onto the floor.
  • Install a new cabin air filter. Insure the arrow points in the direction of airflow (arrow points toward evaporator).
  • Reassemble as follows:
    • Reinstall the filter cover.

    • Reinstall the lower dash panel.

    • Reinstall the glove box and connect the glove box lamp.

    • Reinstall the glove box, damper and rubber stops.

    • Reinstall the right side dash panel cover (XG and Santa Fe).


  • Swing (lower) the glove box down to gain access to the cabin air filter door.Twist the lock 90° counterclockwise to the horizontal position to unlock the door.
  • Remove the filter access door by pulling up and out on the lock.
  • Remove the upper filter by pulling on the grab tab at the bottom of the filter.
  • Remove the lower filter by lifting the filter (1), and when it gains enough clearance, pull it out like the upper filter (2).
  • The new filters (P/N 97619-3D000) have a beaded end on one side, and a grooved end on the opposite side.Install the lower filter with the beaded side down.Install the upper filter also with the beaded side down, and insure the bead and groove interlock.
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

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I did not think this car had a cabin filter.If it does just call the Dealer.

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Well I'm thinking that most manufacturers keep the cabin air filter in the same place. I have a 1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 and the cabin air filter in that car is back behind the glove box....if I am right about this your cars air filter should be in the same place...but if it's not there I would call the dealership and talk to them about it.

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The cabin air filter is behind the glove box. The glove box will need to be dropped down or completely removed to gain access to the filter.

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