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How do you change a headlight bulb on a 2001 Dodge Durango?



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There are two methods. 1.) It is possible to maneuver your hand to the lock ring on each headlight assemble from inside the engine compartment. You must work "blind" -- by feel only. The lock ring rotates 1/4 turn to unlock. On the side of the engine with the battery, you must remove the front portion of the plastic battery box. 2.) This method is much easier. Three bolts (one at the top, two on the bottom) that hold the headlight assembly to the vehicle. Look directly at the headlight, and look in the gap between the top of the headlight and the vehicle fender, and also at the gap between the bottom of the headlight and the vehicle bumper. With the aid of a light, you should be able to see all three bolts. Using a socket and an extension to your ratchet, remove the bolts, pull out the headlight assembly, and remove the lock ring. TAKE CARE TO HANDLE THE HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY GENTLY so as to not alter the setting of the headlight in respect to the headlight frame. By taking care, it will not be necessary to have the headlight(s) adjusted (for aim). I have a 2002 Dodge Durango, and I have used both methods. I prefer removing the headlight from the vehicle.