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It is on right side firewall you have to remove the dash and the blower and the air box under the hood remove the hose clamps from the two hoses going to the fire wall,

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Q: How do you change a heater core on a 1988 ford thunderbird turbo coupe?
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Does the 1988 Ford Thunderbird 4 cylinder turbo coupe have a timing belt or chain?

it has a timing belt

What other speakers can you put in your 1988 ford turbo coupe thunderbird?

anything you want as long as they are the right size

How much horsepower does a 1987 ford thunder bird have?

87 thunderbird turbo coupe came stock with 190hp

Where can you find a fuse-box diagram for a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

I have the owner's guide for a 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. The '87 and '88 were the same body style, so parts are interchangable. pg 190 of ur manual

What kind of turbo does the Turbo Thunderbird have?

1983-1986 Garrett turbo 1987-1988 ihi turbo

Is a 1987 Ford Thunderbird headlamps all the same Is the turbo coupe and the LX model the same?

I can't answer the headlight question but I do know that the Turbo didn't have a grill on the front but the LX did. The differences between the two are as follows: Turbo has adjustable/selectable suspension, LX no. Turbo has 16" wheels, LX no. Turbo has a 4 cylinder engine, LX mostly had V8s.

Is there a turbo supercharge for dodge stratus coupe?

There is no turbo kit made for the stratus coupe. But there is a supercharger kit made by ripp mods. The difference is a turbo runs off exhaust gas and a supercharger is beltdriven. The engine in the coupe is a 6g72. The same engine comes in a twin turbo charged Mitsubishi 3000gt.

How much does a turbo coupe cost?


Is a clutch change on a fiat coupe twenty valve turbo an engine out job?

No. You can remove the clutch and gearbox with the engine in-situ.

Can you turbo charge a Fiat coupe?

no You can turbo charge any car but it will cost a lot!

How do you turn up a turbo on an automatic 88 thunderbird?

Buy a Boost Controller!!!

From where can one purchase a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo?

One can purchase a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo in the official Fiat company store or website. In addition, used car companies might sell this specific model of Fiat.

Where is the block heater on 3116 cat motor?

The block heater is on the passenger side below the turbo

How much horse power does a 2.3 L turbo thuderbird coupe put out?

The '87 and '88 Turbo Coupe reportedly was set up for 140HP output when coupled with the automatic transmission, and also reportedly 220HP when coupled with the manual trans.

How do you swap a non turbo eclipse to a turbo?

Buy a turbo. Change exaust , change manifold , change air intake, reprogram ecu.

How do you change the rear disk brake on a Chrysler LeBaron 1989 2.2 l Turbo Coupe?

they can probably be changed the way as the 92 by just taking out both of the bolts on the caliper.

How do you get vacuum lines attached on right for a 1983 280zx non turbo when you change heater ac control Have a factory manual but diagram is not correct?

Diagram for vacum line / heater lines for 1983 nissan 280z

Where is the location of the coolant bleed valve on a rover 220 coupe turbo?

on the top radiator hose.

How do you change a turbo on a Vauxhall vivaro?

handiest way to change turbo on vauxhall vivaro

Does a turbo engine need a block heater?

not because its a turbo but a diesel will at very very cold temps. for an extended time

Can you change a turbo seal in a cummins isx turbo?

How to remove turbo on 200 cummins ISX

Location heater core 1994 Chrysler lhs?

The heater core on the Chrysler LHS in behind the dash in the heater box. Unless you have the JDM version, then the heater core is in the oil pan next to the turbo.

How do you install engine heater 2004 Saab 2.0 turbo?

Take it to a mechanic.

I have a 88 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and out of no where my brake pedal is rock hard. i have to put on severe pressure and use my trans to slow down. Does anyone know the cause of this?

probably the pump power booster isn't working, may just have a bad relay. had the same thing happen on my 88 tc many years ago.

Where is the ect sensor on a 1987 ford thunderbird turbo coupe 2.3L engine?

The ect should be inbetween the injectors on the drivers side of the motor, just below the intake where it says 2.3 efi kinda hard to see but with a flashlight you will see it, there is a wire plug connector that connects to the top of the sensor. PITA!!! and that is all there is to that