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1) Raise the front end of car. Don't be stupid, use ramps or jackstands. 2.) Remove the hoses, they're about in the middle of the car on the firewall slightly to the driver's side of the exhaust pipe. 3.) Remove the ductwork housing below the heater core housing. There are 2 duct tubes (1 driver side, 1 passenger side) that you pull off, then remove the screw (7mm) holding the ductwork housing to the heater core housing. After you remove the screw, you'll have to push the housing towards the front of the car to remove from the ducts under the carpet on the hump, then pull the carpet back and move the housing toward the passenger side. 4.) Remove the screws holding the heater core housing, there's one way in the back slightly to the driver's side of center that's a little difficult to get at. 5.) Pull housing straight back (the overflow tube keeps you from pulling it out in any other direction. 6.) Remove screw holding housing halves together and open. 7.) Remove screws holding heater core clamps to housing. Installation is the reverse. The original plastic tubes coming through the firewall tend to crack, break during removal, the tubes on the new heater cores are metal and come attached to the new core. The replacement heater cores are more universal and the tubes are built to rotate at the point they enter into the heater core tank so you can adjust it to fit your car. When I changed mine I had the dash out of the car, but I don't think it's necessary. It did make it an easier job though. Good luck.

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Q: How do you change a heating core on a 1996 Chevy Corsica?
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