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It sepends on the model of vehicle you are working on.

1996 Ford Contour dash lights can be replaced using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the plastic portion of the dash around the instrument cluster. There are 5 screws that need to be removed, two are recessed in the top outer sides of the plastic just in front of the spedo lense. The remaining three are along the bottom located on the far right side, right center and left sides of the plastic dash/housing. Next remove the five screws from the instrument cluster, 2 on top and three on bottom are very visible. Slide the instrument cluster forward and turn it face down to access the lights on the back of it. Be sure not to scratch up the clear lense on the front when you turn it face down. I think the lights are motorcraft 144's but I am not certain. I need to run out to the Ford dealer and pick some up, I will follow up later. One more thing that you will notice is that there may be some open light sockets depending on the amount of equipment that is installed on your vehicle. Don't buy extra lights to put in the empty slots or you will end up with idiot lights on all over your dash. I replaced the working seatbelt light with another ambient light bulb that was burnt out.

Short answer to your question is to specify what kind of car you need to change lights in.

Take Care adn GOD Bless.

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Q: How do you change a light in the dashboard behind the odometer?
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