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How do you change a low-beam light on a 97 GSX eclipse?

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you will twist a round cover off the rear assembly housing,once the cover is off you will see the bulb it is a HB4 or 9006 size low beam bulb just turn counter clockwise and pull out and unplugg it vise versa to install the new bulb!

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Will a 93 eclipse gsx engine fit in a 96 eclipse gsx?

Yes with a few sensors changes.

What company makes the Eclipse GSX?

The Eclipse GSX is currently manufactured by Mitsubishi. The car itself began production in the early 1990s and has been a good seller for the brand. The GSX model varies slightly from other Eclipse models.

Can you change an Eclipse gs and make it turbo?

Yeah...its alot of work and you might not get you money back if you decide to sell it. Better going with a gsx or gst. Gsx all wheel drive. Gst fwd turbo. I have gsx and used to have rs. Go with GSX!

What is faster a Mitsubishi 3000gt or a turbocharger 99 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx?

a turbo maniafactured in the car is faster then no turbo so 99 eclipse gsx is faster

Will a 1995 Eclipse Gsx Transmission fit on a 1998 Gsx?

Yes, with the 1995 transfer case to match !

Is there such thing as an Eclipse GSX 6 cylinder manual?


Does the eclipse gsx 1995 come stock with a turbo?

Yes, all GST GSX models are factory turbocharged. The GST is front wheel drive, and the GSX is all-wheel drive.

How much horsepower of a eclipse gsx have?

not sur but myn has 220 on the dyno

Where can you find a complete gsx conversion kit for a 1993 GS Eclipse?

Buy a gsx and sell the gs would be the best. or try and find a wreaked gsx with all the important parts intact and swap it over

Is the 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse all wheel drive?

yes, there were 4 models of the eclipse, 2 of them were turbo. the gsx was the only AWD eclipse made that year

Would a automatic transmission from a 1995 Eclipse gsx fit a 1997 eclipse?


Will a 95 gsx engine fit non turbo eclipse?

not without heavy modification.

Where can i find Wiring diagrams for 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx?

Look on dsmtuners, or dsmtalk

Will a tranny from 98 eclipse spyder 5speed work in a automatic 99 eclipse gsx?

I very doubt it. If I am not mistaken GSX has all wheel drive system and turbo charged engine. Any of those make it incompatible with any other transmission.

Where is the fuel filter on a 91 Eclipse GSX 2.0 AWD turbo?

in the engine compartment on the firewall

What is the second sensor on the exhaust on a 1995 eclipse gsx?

It is your 2nd (Bank 2) O2 sensor.

Is a 1995 gst eclipse all wheel drive?

No, GST is FWD Turbo. GSX is AWD.

What is the radio Code for a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx?

you have to take your registration to the dealer and they will give you the code

Will a 1998 dodge avenger engine fit on your 1998 eclipse?

Yes. Both engines are the 420a. (as long as your eclipse isn't a GSX/GS-T)

Whats the stock eclipse 2g turbo?

The turbo is a T-25 .... comes on the gs-t and gsx

Does the 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse gt have a turbocharger?

No, the 2000 Eclipse GT is a V-6 NA engine. 90-99 GST or GSX came Stock with a Turbo.

What 4 cylinder cars come with turbo?

A eclipse gst or gsx comes turboed stock. 95-99

1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx revs at high rpms when idiling?

vaccum leak somewhere. or a boost leak Spyda

Can you swap a 1990 eclipse GSX turbo motor to 1995 eclipse GSX?

Go to and look in their tech section. Click on the article 1g in a 2g. It covers the entire swap. If you have any questions you could call them or visit or ... Search there, you will find everything you need to know about your car.

Where should one look to find a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX locally?

If one wanted to buy a used Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, then one should look in the local classifieds. One will pop up sooner or later. One should also visit nearby dealers and ask to be contacted if one shows up.