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How do you change a pressure hose on a power steering pump for a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?


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At the back of the power steering pump, you will find two hoses. One is a simple rubber hose with a clamp on the end near the pump, the other is a rubber line with a steel fitting that screws into the back of the pump. Follow these lines down to the steering rack and you will see where they connect. For the high pressure (steel) line, simply unscrew the fittings on the ends of the line. For the low pressure(rubber) line, remove the hose clamps at each end of the line. Both hoses just pull off once undone. You will need a drainpan under the car to save your driveway! Once the lines have be replaced, add more fluid to the power steering pump and with the engine running, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock repeatedly while checking the fluid level. When the level no longer drops, you are done.


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