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The easiest way is to buy an LED bulb replacement on-line.

Now, if you want to suffer, get a bunch of LEDs, preferably white, and a resistor. Connect everything together and mount it inside your flash light.

How does the first option sound now?

Better yet, get an LED flashlight with handcrank charger. Superb!

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Q: How do you change a regular flash light to LED?
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What is difference between regular household light bulbs and led bulbs?

Regular light bulbs use a filament and LED is a "light emiting diode" and are much more effecient and cooler to the touch

Is xenon flash light is better than LED flashlight in mobile phones?


How are LED light bulbs different then regular light bulbss?

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and environment friendly. The best thing with LED light bulbs is that, you will get huge savings in the long run because of its longer lifetime.

Which bulb is better regular or LED bulbs?

LED light bulbs definitely are more energy efficient than regularly normal light bulbs. Depending on the usage, LED lights can also last maybe twice or three times as much as regular bulbs. LED ones are better.

Why do defective LEDs flash?

Defective leds flash due to the temperature of the chip. When the LED chip is hot, the filament disconnect(the LED light turn OFF) and when it came cold it connect again (the LED light turn ON). It is similar to the bimetallic switch, see: Try to get a led witch have a better quality.

How do you turn htc wildfire phone off?

If your referring to the flashlight app that come preloaded which use the LED camera flash, then no it is only white. You can get apps that use the screen as a light in which case it would be possible to change the light colour.

What is the difference between a LED light bulb and a regular?

a regular light bulb emits about 80% heat energy and only 20% light energy, whereas leds emit about 70 % light and 30% heat

Where can I find LED light bulbs?

LED light bulbs are available wherever regular light bulbs are sold. You can find them at your local department store, or for sale on the website of your local department store.

How does electrical energy change into light energy?

in an led ; in an bulb

What is a LED TV, and how is it different from regular televisions?

An LED TV is a different kind of LCD TV. An LED TV has Light Emitting Diodes embedded in the screen, allowing more precise lighting than is possible in regular television sets.

How much stronger is led than a regular light bulb?

50 times stronger from, Keshav

How do I install flash light on Android phone?

You can find a number of flashlight apps in the Google Play Store. Some may offer more functionality than others, such as a strobe feature or the option to use your camera's flash LED over a blank screen. As always, be careful to pick one that suits your needs and is from a reputable developer. As a side note, if you intend to use the camera's flash LED, be careful not to use it for extended periods of time as this can drain your battery and decrease the life of the LED.

How do you turn the flash on the jazz hdv 146 video recorder?

I didn't see how old this question is, but it doesn't have a flash. The spot that looks like a flash is an LED support light, and you press the right arrow to turn it on and off.

What type of device lights up when a small voltage is applied across it?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) will fit into this category, or a torch (flash light) bulb.

Led Christmas lights vs regular Christmas lights?

LED Christmas lights are very bright and can be very distracting. Regular Christmas lights are often just as pretty but cost more to light.

Why are LED flashlights better than halogen flashlights?

The LED bulb, which LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, does not have a filament and therefore lasts longer than a regular lightbulb.

What happens to the LED when you twist the shaft on the potentiometer?

The light output will change.

What is the energy change in a LED?

It changes from electrical energy to light energy

How do you change the message light on your blackberry?

go on blackberry app world and serch LED light or contact on 999 and ask them how do u change the LED light on a police 8 a BB 9300 etc. hope this helps xx

What are the advantages of using LED light bulbs?

There are many advantages to using LED light bulbs. They are immensely more energy efficient, last longer and are clearer and brighter than regular bulbs.

How do you change the time on a Audel watch?

You have to touch the LED for about 5 seconds and then the hour number should start to flash , you then change the time by tapping the LED . To change the minute , you hold the LED for 5 more seconds while still in the hour setting. To exit you just wait for a few seconds , it will go back to normal

What is the green light on Harry Potter?

In the first book, Harry keeps seeing a flash of green light in his dreams. This light is from the curse that Lord Voldemort performed when Harry was a baby, which led to the death of Harry's parents.

What is the best Led Grow Light in The Market?

I think G8 Led grow light is the best led grow light.

Which ray is used in a Xerox machine?

Xerographic copiers and printers use light. Sometimes the light source is a laser, sometimes an LED, sometimes a specialized fluorescent lamp or flash lamp.

Does the iPhone 4S have an LED flash?