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Are you sure that you mean the filter tank? and not the pump

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Yes, especialy if the seal leaks.

faulty fuel filter or seal on filter not sealing

Yes. the water will destroy the front bearing

Don't possibly know why you could be loosing pressure on the pool. However you may be loosing pressure in the line to the pool from the filter. If you are also loosing suction then : there is not enough water in the pool and the skimmer is sicking air. bad pump seal loose pump lid bad o-ring seal at pump lid loose fittings in and out of the pump. that is the piece of equip. that has the motor attached. The filter is the large tank. The pool is the vessel that is holding all the water. You can also lose pressure if your skimmer and your pump baskets are filled with debris, kink in the hoses, or your filter needs to be cleaned, or filter sand or cartridge needs replaced. You also may be thinking of pressure as in the force of the water coming out of the return jets. If this is the case, then your filter has become dirty and the water can't pass thru it very well. Clean your filter.

You will need to remove trans. oil pan and replace filter. Also replace seal and change fluid at the same time.

The salt system has nothing to do with D E returning to the pool. You have a damaged filter element or a bad o-ring or seal in the back wash valve. You have to disassemble the filter and remove the filter grid assy to determine damage to grids. k

You can purchase a patch kit at any swimming pool retailer and use the same type of patch that is used for an above ground swimming pool liner - the kit is relatively inexpensive but it takes a while to seal but around the slash it should be clean as possible and the drier the better

around half of the pool is filled with poo

In most cases the pool will need to be drained below the level of the light in order to change the seal. In some cases, though, a separate access point is installed so that the light can serviced while the pool is full.

unscrew old filter casing and pull out old paper filter , install new filter pushing into place, replace oil seal if provided and hand tighten filter casing to engine.

It's probably the seal inside the valve. They're pretty easy to change.

Break out the old plaster and plaster over the area to seal the plaster surface. It is best to lower water level in the pool first but there are patch materials that work under water.

You really have to be careful about who you ask that question! Good thing you choose a swimming pool forum. Making some assumptions that you have a D.E. filter with a backwash valve. You have two possible problems. First there is a problem inside the filter with either the grids/flex tubes, manifold, stand pipe "O" ring, Stem "O" ring or diaphragm depending on what type of filter. If you have the white power (D.E.) coming into the pool all the time the problem is inside your filter. Grids and flex tubes tend to last about 10 years depending on how much you run your filter and how well you take care of your water chemistry. If you only get the D.E. in the pool while you are adding it to the skimmer. You have a problem with the multiport valve, the seal(s) or spring if you have a dial valve. You may want to have a professional check this out for you.

You might want to consider Deck-o-seal. It could be tricky to use if you are not familiar with the product. Follow ALL of the manufacturers instructions.KenYou might want to consider Deck-O-Sux, but you might actually want to use PoolSeal™ if you want a long lasting, easy to use, pool owner-friendly mastic to seal the joint and allow for expansion.CUTiger78

Yes, that is called cavitation and can desstroy the pump housing, impeller, shaft, seal Find the source of the air leak

Pressure test the lines with air. 20 lbs for and hour will show a good seal, and no leak.

Two things come to mind; 1 the old rubber filter seal is still on the motor, or 2 the new filter does not have the seal on it.

I've got a fuel leak coming from my fuel filter and am assuming the gasket/seal is the culprit. What's the best way to change the filter?

Not aware that Hayward made motors. You need the pump seal, gaskets or orings and the tools to remove and reinstall the motor and the seal. The electrical connections and power need to be removed and or turned off at the circuit breaker.

the production of a seal swimming in a lake

It likes swimming and going on land.

Pouring oil in the filter is not needed during an oil change. Coat the rubber gasket of the filter with a thin coat of oil using your finger to ensure a tight seal and screw on the filter. Oil will naturally enter and circulate through the filter after new oil has been added at the conclusion of the oil change.

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