How do you take a pool filter tank apart?

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Simple Mary is quite correct. Most manufacturer's have a website. That should be your first port of call. Have the manufacturer's name and model number to hand is often very handy.
Locate the manufacturer directions for the pool filter before beginning this task.
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How far apart can a 12hp above ground pool pump and filter be installed and still push water up one story to a solar collector on the roof?

Answer . A 12 horse power will put the water anywhere you want it to go. You may mean 1/2 hp. The 1/2 hp may or may not be adequate. Consult with your local solar installer. Free advice there surely. . Answer . A 12 horse power will put the water anywhere you want it to go. You may mean 1/ ( Full Answer )

How do you change the sand in a pool filter?

\n . \n Answer \n. \n . \n . \nTurn off the pump. \nRemove the filter drain plug and allow filter to drain. \nRemove the filter dome, if your filter doesn�t have a dome you may have to remove the multiport mounted on top of the filter. \nUsing a wet/dry vacuum suck out the old sand an ( Full Answer )

Can you take apart and replace the toliet tank and the toliet bowl?

YES all you have to do is unscrew the two bolts connectingthe parts. When putting the tank back on the bowl be sure toreplace the spongy 'donut' sealer between the two main pieces, andthe rubber washers on the connector bolts. Tighten these evenly anddo not overtighten!

How do you take apart a pool table?

One inch thick should not be too heavy for two people, please be careful with the weight. You will need: Needle nose pliers for taking out staple from the cloth. Socket wrench for the bolts. Screwdrivers Hammer possibly Razor blades (flat) Dust mask Garbage bags Wrench Allen Wr ( Full Answer )

How do you select a replacement pool filter?

Answer . You should know the following: Size and type of old filter; what type of filter are you considering; size of pool - gallons of water; size and type (copper or PVC) of plumbing lines and how long is the run ( you have to figure in the hydraulics); horse power rating of pump - age and s ( Full Answer )

Pool filter cleaning?

Depends on the type of filter - If a sand filter, then remove the top valve section very carefully and dump the sand into buckets for disposal. Clean out with a garden hose then refill the new sand. Be sure all tubes in the filter go together properly, especially the tube at top to the valve unit. P ( Full Answer )

How do you take apart pool table?

A pool table is easy to disassemble using just a pair of wrenches, a large screwdriver (slate) and a medium screwdriver (ball return, pockets). The ball return system is removed first, along with hanger hooks and shelfs. The rails and pockets can usually be removed as one large assembly, and then di ( Full Answer )

How do you take apart an above ground pool?

If you plan on relocating the pool, you will want to carefully remove all screws and place in zip-lock type baggies and label them. But first you must empty the pool of all water.If there is an in wall skimmer you remove that. When replacing the skimmer later you will need new gaskets. Then start by ( Full Answer )

How do clean your pool filter?

Usually, there is a cylinder shaped canister near the pump. You have to remove top and lift filter out and clean thoroughly with hose.

What is the best filter for an inground pool?

For ease and convenience you cant go past a sand filter. They don't do quite as fine a job as a cartridge filter and tend to waste water when back washing but they are easy to use and require very little actual effort. The DE filter does the finest job of actual filtration but they are more trouble ( Full Answer )

Can DE be filtered out of pool water?

Eventually OR if you are in a hurry give the pool a treatment with floculant allow it to settle a couple of days and all of the impurity's in the water will be in a cloudy layer at the bottom of the pool gently vacuum this stuff to waste do not put it through the filter. Another way is to use a de ( Full Answer )

Sand from filter in swimming pool?

If sand from the filter is ending up in the pool then the laterals are getting worn. These are at the bottom of the sand filter and should only allow water to pass.. A: You have a bad lateral(s). You need to remove all of the sand from the filter in order to get to the laterals. Some laterals eithe ( Full Answer )

How do you operate a jacuzzi pool filter?

Is this for the actual brand name Jacuizzi filter? Or for a "Jacuzzi"/hot tub/spa or whatever one might call the vessel. Is the filter a sand filter or cartridge filter or D.E. filter? What type of back wash valve does it have if any? There are several types of configurations of filters on the marke ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a small hole in a Doughboy pool filter tank?

Epoxy. The contemporary epoxies work fabulously, and all you need to do is isolate and drain the tank enough to get it dry so the epoxy will stick. Rough up the surfaces just a bit. Find something very sharp that will fit in the hole and bend it so you can "hook" the inside and "scritch" it to rough ( Full Answer )

Where is pool filter located?

The pool filter, the very large tank, at or on the equipment pad. It would be located next to the pump ( that piece of equip. with the motor attached to it). The tank could be painted or unpainted ( stainless steel), it could be metal, plastic or fiberglass. k

How do you backwash a pool with a cartridge filter?

You don't. Cartridge filters are cleaned by removing the filter element from the cylinder and washing them down. usually a hose down is enough, however over time calcium and other build ups can block them up and there are cleaners available to fix this problem.

What is involved in fitting a pool filter.?

You have to match the the water hydraulics with the capacity in GPM of the filter, the heater, the pump. All have to be in sink with the rest of the system. Each type filter ( D E, cartridge, sand) have different GPM ratings. Now once you have done that you have to factor in the hydraulics of the po ( Full Answer )

How do you bypass pool filter?

To bypass a non functioning pool filter, or to keep your poolfilter in pristine condition, first you need to back wash the pool.Once the pool has been back washed, you will need a leaf skimmer, atelescoping pole, a tile brush, a pumice stone, an algae brush, anda pool vacuum.

How do pool sand filters work?

Filter Runs the pools water from your pump through the filter media then back into the pool. this is the setting that is nearly always used. The filter media is such that it stops fine particles from getting through to the other side. . Backwash Runs pool water from your pump over the filter me ( Full Answer )

How do you take apart a Riley pool table?

Start with removing the thin boards of wood on the outside of the cushions, they slide sideways, maybe the pockets should be removed or at least the net. Now you see the bolts which holds the side cushions in place, remove, then remove the staples underneath holding the phelt. Drag the 5 slates outw ( Full Answer )

What is a pool filter for?

A pool filter is there to remove particles of foreign matter from the pools water. Without a filter to remove this material it would not take long for the pools water to become cloudy and dangerous to the health of the swimmers.

How do you take apart a Brunswick Winchester pool table?

All Brunswick pool tables generally come apart the same way - if it has a ball return, this is removed first along with the ball catch. Next, the rails can be removed as one large assembly (good when just changing surface cloth), or removed one at a time using the bolts underneath - the pockets must ( Full Answer )

How do i take out filter of rear tank 1986 f350 diesel?

Pull the bed off, believe me its easy and you can clean under the truck and treat surface rust,, do not reuse the bolts, get new ones,and those old bolts if there in bad shape knock em off with a big hammer and steel chiesel.

Sand is coming out of my pool filter into the pool?

You might have too much sand in the filter. I use a diatomaceous earth . When I used too much there was leakage back through the strainer. also I found my pipe cracked inside my filter bowl and sand was seeping into the pool, removed all sand and did some home pluming replacement. very simpl ( Full Answer )

If you have a Craftsman 32cc Weedwacker and the fuel line from the tank element to the carb has fallen apart and the element filter is lose in the fuel tank - How do you go about fixing this?

Dump all of the fuel out of the tank. Then take a pair of long needle nose pliers and grab the end f the fuel line. Inspect it for swelling or complete disentegration. The ethanol added to gas that is now mandatory in many states is very tough on fuel line. You may have to replace the fuel line and ( Full Answer )

Can someone tell me how to take apart a 7 foot pool table?

Unfortunately, 7 foot tables don't have a standard for construction like 8 to 10 foot tables do. The first thing to look for is removal of the rails. If there are side boards, these need to be removed first to remove the ball return to be able to finish rail removal. After rail removal, the rest is ( Full Answer )

Why would your pool filter stop taking water?

you porbaly need to burp the pump that's what we call it , you have to cut off the pump open the little circle lid to where the water or air comes out then its water and also unscrew the top let the water come out then put it back on its lets the air out then it stars again ..if the filter comes out ( Full Answer )

How is sand from the pool filter getting into your pool?

All sand filters have a apparatus inside used to stop the sand from blowing back into the pool while letting water pass through. This is called the lateral system. It consists of a center standpipe, a hub assembly and the individual laterals. Any one of these three parts may be cracked and allowing ( Full Answer )

Difference of a pool skimmer and pool filter?

A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the plumbing in order to filter fine debris from the water itself.

Why does my pool filter blow dirt into the pool?

I assume you have a sand filter if so you most likely have broken laterals in your filter. A lateral should allow water through but not sand. if you have a DE filter and you are getting what appears like sand in the pool, you have one or more of the filter grids that have holes and the DE is passing ( Full Answer )

What is balancing tank in swimming pool?

it is what cleans the pool IF it is NOT cleaned then the pool will be filled with all sorts of rubbish. who knows maybe even after mealtime stuff!! :(

How do you clean a swimming pool filter tank?

It depends on the configuration of the filter tank so you should consult the owner's manual for the authoritative answer. With that said, here is a typical method: Usually you do what is known as "backflush". You shut the valves that would run the water from the pool through the filter and open t ( Full Answer )

How do you pull apart coffee filters?

1. Take the filters between the thumb and index finger of your dominate hand. 2. Rub the two fingers together as if gesturing for money. 3. The filters should eventually separate.

How does a DE filter work on a pool?

Better people than me can explain this. Try I'm figuring you're asking this because you have a DE filter. Basically there is a "cloth filter" in the DE filter. Then (after it has been cleaned and hosed off of all the old DE etc.), you put the appropriate amount of DE into your ( Full Answer )

Do you have to take the felt off of a pool table when taking it apart?

Yes and no. Most 7 foot tables are made with a 1 piece slate (or other cheaper material), so the felt does not need to be remove. However, all 9 and 10 foot tables, and nearly all 8 foot tables use a 3 piece which requires felt removal and significant work to properly re-assemble.

Can you move a 3 slate pool table without taking it apart?

Just sold my table as we are moving. Buyer showed up with 3 husky helpers. They took the legs off and were able to load it in a pickup, but both side panels were pulled loose and they were all totally wiped out when done. Have no idea how it rode like that. Strongly recommend having a professional d ( Full Answer )

Why is your filter putting earth in pool?

I am assuming this is in regards to a DE fileration for a pool. My experience is that you may have a hole in one of the grids. You will need to take out the grids and spray off very well and check for holes. Replace if needed. Also, check top of filer for air screen or vent and see if it missing or ( Full Answer )

Where is impeller in pool filter?

There is not one in the filter. It is inside the pump housing. Looks like a water wheel and is easily replaced by a handy person.

How long does it take to filter a 32000 gal pool?

Depends on the size of your pump and the restrictions that are in the system, but usually 8 hours should be adequate if you have a 1.5HP or larger pump and a decent sized filter. If you notice that the pool is loosing it's sparkle you can always increase the time. Pool Masters