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- Look up and buy a replacement bulb, probably a "3057" or equivalent; - Get a medium sized Phillips screwdriver; - Open the trunk; - Remove the two black screws (the only visible ones around the light casing (on the inner side); - Pull the casing out and to the side to un-pop the friction fasteners. If they won't pop loose with 8-10lbs of force, slide in a stick or jack handle and additionally apply force from the inner area; - Rotate the larger bulb socket (the top one) and remove the holder from the casing; - Pull the bulb straight out from the holder an replace it with a new bulb by pushing it straight in; - Put the socket/bulb assembly partially back into the casing hole; - Align the larger chevron of the socket with the larger cutout at the edge of the hole and push it it; - Rotate clockwise as viewed from the wire side (looking rearward) to lock it in place; - Align the two pressure nipples at the far end of the casing with the two sockets in the body panel and shove hard on the entire light casing to pop them in. Spread your force out over the surface of the casing so as not to fracture or tweak the casing; - Insert the two black screws and tighten firmly to a medium torque. Don't bear down and super-tighten them; - Wrap the old bulb in newspaper or tissue and put in garbage; - Put empty package into glove compartment for reference; - Jump in car and enjoy a ticket-free ride :)

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Q: How do you change a tail light on a 1999 Ford Escort?
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