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How do you change a tire on a Model T?


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You take it off the wheel while the wheel remains on the car. Then you repair the tube and put it back together on the car. Then you pump it up with a hand pump. The tools to do all this came with the car. If you took a long trip you might choose to carry several extra tires and tubes. All this remembered from conversations with my dad who owned a model t when it was just a car. Bill

The later cars had rims that look a lot like a giant bicycle rim missing its spokes, that could be removed from the main part of the wheel and replaced with a spare rim that has a tire already mounted. My 1925 has this setup and carries one spare tire/rim assembly.


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To change an actual tire you need a tire machine to get it off the rim and the new one on. -If you mean the change the WHEEL and tire on a car, then you just need a jack and a tire wrench.

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