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If it is anything like the O2 sensor on my 1995 Accord, you need to take off the three bolts that hold the aluminum manifold cover off first. Then cut the wires of the old sensor so you can slip a close-ended 22mm wrench over the old sensor. Remove by turning it counter-clockwise (i.e. toward the engine). You may need a lot of torque (I had to - carefully - use my foot). Once you get the old one out, make sure to replace with the proper type. There are heated ones etc. Mine was the heated type. You can either save the plug from the old sensor and splice it onto the new sensor, or pay an extra $25 to get one with the plug already on it. Make sure the sensor you buy has anti-seize compound on it (usually a grey compound). Carefully replace the new sensor and then replace the manifold cover. Hope that helps

You can purchase a special socket that allows you to remove the old sensor and tighten the new O2 sensor without having to cut the wires.

However, I took a closed end wrench and cut a slot in it that I could slip the wires through.

Auto Zone will loan you a set of O2 wrenches.

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Q: How do you change an O2 sensor on a 1996 Honda Accord?
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