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On the camshaft

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Q: Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 1996 Honda Accord?
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Where is the camshaft position sensor in a 2006 Honda Accord?

The 2006 Honda Accord camshaft position sensor can be found on the back of the right-hand cylinder head. The camshaft position sensor should be labeled as such.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 1996 Honda Accord?

position sensor on a 96 accord ex located

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2000 Honda Accord coupe?

its inside the distributor

What means the PO 365 for Honda Accord?

PO365 problem with the circuit for the camshaft position sensor B, Bank 1

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1991 Honda Accord?

In the distributor.

Were is locate the cylinder position sensor in 96 Honda accord?

In the distributor

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a Honda CR-V?

The camshaft position sensor, also referred to as the TDC sensor, is located under the same cover as the timing belt. It is a good idea to check the condition of the timing belt and water pump if you are changing the camshaft position sensor.

Where is the throttle position sensor on Honda accord?

In the back of the Throttle Body right side for 94 accord DX.

What does a crank shaft sensor do on a 1998 Honda accord?

A crank shaft position sensor on a 1998 Honda Accord reads whether or not a the engine is spinning correctly. If there is a discrepancy on how the crankshaft is spinning the sensor will relay it to the ECU.

Where is the Honda accord o2 sensor?

its a 2006 Honda accord

Where is crank position sensor on 93 Honda accord?

In the bottom of the distributor under coil.

Does a camshaft pulley interchange with a 1990 Honda accord to a 1992 Honda accord?

Yes it does interchange. 1990-1993 Accords have the same camshaft pulley (or cog).

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