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There should be one under the hood somewhere, but it may be gone, if the car was ever wrecked, and the bodyshop didn't transfer the sticker. I would pay attention to how the belts came off. In fact, if you really want a diagram, draw one before you remove the old belts. Or download a copy from the links in the Related Question below

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Q: How do you change belts on 1989 Ford Taurus without a diagram?
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AnswerThere may be a sticker under the hood somewhere that shows the routing of the belts. I can't swear about a 2000 Ford Taurus, but other Fords have this sticker. It might be over the radiator, or on the fender wells, or on the hood itself. They used to be silver with black printing. Look around. Good luck.

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Taurus engines do not use timing belts - they're equipped with timing chains.Unlike when dealing with belts that require routine replacement, timing chains do not require any regular attention.See "Related Questions" below for more

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