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First you have to open the hood and do it from inside. You don't need to undo any bolts or nuts. Then you take off the plastic cover on the back of the headlight. There is a little switch-like piece of plastic at the top and you push down on it, and the plastic piece just comes off. After that, the light just twists an eighth of a turn and pops out. The hardest part of the size constraint. I have big hands and it took me a while to do this. When putting the light back in, just make sure that the light is all the way in and then turn it. The easiest way to do it, is replace the highbeams first. They aren't are far back in and you can see how it is supposed to fit. The main headlights are difficult because you can see the unit you are plugging the light into... you just have to feel around. Good luck! The above is how you change the Low beams or high beams. The daytime running lights are right beside the plastic cover mentioned above. They are covered by a rubber boot. To make them easier to get to you need to remove plastic just behind the left headlight this will allow you better access. Then remove the rubber boot and twist the light an eighth of a turn and it pops out. On the right side you need to remove the piping going to the air filter. The piping is held on to the front of the car by 3 screws, remove the screws and the piping just pops out. Then remove rubber boot and replace light. I have pictures of the process if you need them. The whole thing will probably take about an hour. Doing it myself saved me 40 dollars. The initial answer pointed me in the right direction.

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Q: How do you change both daytime running lights on a 2002 VW Passat?
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