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How do you change brake pads on dodge ram van 2500?


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April 03, 2008 7:41PM

step one: Take a 4 way and loosten the lug nuts on the right wheel.

step two:get a 3 1/2 ton jack and jack the van up on the very front edge of the frame rail. Place a jackstand under the van as soon as it comes off the ground. Do one wheel at a time.

step three:Use 4 way to loosten lug nuts the rest of the way and remove wheel. Take the wheel and place underneath the pinchweld of the right side laying on the inside of the wheel.

step four: loosten caliper bolts so you can pull caliper away from rotor and suspend with wire from the spring.

step five: pull pads out of the metal clips on the sides of the steering knuckle. (If pads are hard to pull out use a flat head screw driver.)

step six: after both pads have been taken out place new pads in the metal clips. Make sure they are facing the same way the old pads faced. There is an indicator on one side of the pad that must be in the same place as the other pads.

step seven:loosten the bleeder valve. Take a c-clamp and a flat piece of wood. Place wood over the piston inside the caliper and slip the c-clamp over the wood, and caliper and slowly tighten until the piston is all the way back into the caliper. Brake fluid will drip out from the bleeder valve. I suggest placing a glass jar with a label on it under the bleeder valve. Write on label "used brake fluid" never mix with other fluids.

step eight. after piston is fully into caliper slip caliper over the pads and bolt back on.

step nine:repeat steps one through eight on left side. After brake job is done bleed all disc brakes and put new fluid in. After bleeding brakes make sure to pump brake until pressure is built. I suggest taking for a quick drive around the block to make sure the brakes are operating correctly.