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How do you change camshaft sensor 2004 Chrysler Concorde?


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The Crank position sensor is located on the right side behind the wheel about midway up the motor eaiseier to get to from the bottom with 10mm socket one bolt

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It is on the front driver side of the timing cover.

Yea, the crankshaft sensor is under the distributor and the camshaft sensor is inside the distributor, you cannot change it so you will have to replace the whole distributor.

Loss of fuel (fuel pump) loss of ignition ( crankshaft or camshaft sensor or wiring)

Camshaft sensor circuit low.

Bank one is the passenger side on a Concorde. Sensor one is before the catalytic converter.

it is an part of the distributor unit. you have to change out the entire distributor.

The crankshaft sensor is located on the passengers side of the transmission housing, above the differential housing. The bottom of the sensor is positioned next to the drive plate. The cam sensor is located on the left bank cylinder head

A 1995 Chrysler Concorde only has one oxygen sensor on each side. They are screwed into the exhaust manifolds.

It is a sensor that reads the rotational position of the camshaft. The engine computer uses that to control ignition and fuel timing.

Passenger side of engine block about half way down. That's where it was on my 94 Concorde.

It is bolted to the bell housing on the passenger side.

on the intake manifold next to the prestone resevoir

Code 54 is the Camshaft Sensor Circuit

It is inside the distributor. It is not available separately

No Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Failure

The map sensor is screwed into the side of the upper intake manifold.

Camshaft position is taken from the distributor, there is no separate sensor.

How do you change a camshaft sensor on a 2002 chev. trailblazer

On crankshaft position sensor, one camshaft position sensor.

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