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How do you change front wheel bearings on a 2003 dodge ram?


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April 22, 2012 5:30PM

Take tire off, take caliper and brakes off, take off axle nut, take off caliper, take off three bolts from back side of bearing hub assembly (may have to turn steering to get bolts off). You can put a bearing puller or use something to move spline shaft back further. Use a slide hammer and slotted flange to "bang" out wheel hub assembly bearing, (most parts stores have these to rent and you get your money back on return). Parts stores also let you rent the axle nut socket. Ssince most people don't have this size.

If this doesn't work because it is seized, take the whole housing off (some are cast aluminum, mine was).....three nuts, two are usually 13/16 and the bottom one 15/16" take the whole housing off, hammer down on it to get loose. Take to a place with a press....pepboys, local tire shop...make some phone calls. Have them press it out and put the new one in. Total cost of project: 200$ for wheel bearing hub assembly 50$ labor at pepboys to press old out and new in.....and 8 hrs. labor if you have air tools.