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If your mechanicaly inclined.step1. pull fuel pump fuse. 2. press schrader valve in fuel rail to releive pressure.3 unscrew hardline goin into intake.4. take off big air tube coming from air filter. 5. top rear of intake manifold remove stupid hose bracket (2 nuts and a bolt). 6. unbolt top manifold of engine. Carefully grab and wiggle or pry it up. I managed to get mine up about six inches without having to take off any cables or lines going to throttle.I just propped it up.(be careful with gaskets). 7. you now see fuel rail. unscrew two hard lines going in rail on right side and bend a bit out of way.pull air line going to fuel pressure regulator(small two inch flat square with nipple bolted between fuel rail) if it didnt come off allready when pulling intake manifold. 8. unplug injectors wires(tip... lable with masking tape so you remember where they go eg...,front right, back center ect...These have spring clips.squeze and pull. 9.unscrew four bolts holding fuel rail. At this point only o-rings on the injectors are holding the rail in. Grab rail and gently wiggle back and forth as you pull up. you may need to pry but they will all pop out with the rail just be patient or you will damage the clips holding them in. 10. small screwdriver push off six metal clips holding injectors in rail and pull out injectors which are also held with o-ring. 11.put it back together.(Tips... lube the injector holes in engine and o-rings on injectors with vaseline, the rear left injectors plug is facing a different direction than the rest make note of that.)

If you are not mechanically inclined you wont understand any of what i just said and you should take it to a mechanic lol.

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Q: How do you change fuel injectors on a 89 olds cutlas ciera?
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where is fuel filter located on 1988 olds cutlas ciera?

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It is probably IN the gas tank. You will have to drop the gas tank to get to it.

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Try checking the fuel pressure regulator that's what gives the engine gas and how much its hooked to a vacuum line.

Why does a 1995 eugeot 106dt runs unevenly when hot?

the fuel injectors expand when hot and will flood the system change out the fuel injectors

How do you change out fuel pump on 1992 olds cutlass ciera?

You must drop the fuel tank to access the fuel pump.

When do you change fuel injectors?

I only change a fuel injector if it fails. I own and operate 8 Chevy Celebrities and have only had 3 fuel injectors, all on the same car, fail. I do not know of a set change frequency such as there is with timing belts.

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it has an effect if you dont change the fuel injected

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The fuel pump for a 96 ciera is in the tank.

How long to change fuel injectors on ford 6.0?

4 hours

What is the voltage of fuel injector for 96 olds cutlass ciera?

U really dont need to know the volts to your injectors just the resistance they put out use a multimeter to test the ohms of the injectors to make shure they are functioning proplerly

Fuel pump relay location 1988 cutlas ciera?

Underneath your hood, behind the passenger side headlight, behind the core support, is a bank of 2-8 relays. One of those relays is the relay needed for your fuel pump. There will also be a fuel pump relay fuse located there.

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V6 engine - 6 fuel injectors V8 engine - 8 fuel injectors

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In the fuel tank

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Fuel injectors.

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take fuel rail off unplug injectors from wiring harness pull out injectors make sure you get all the rubber o rings out of the intake manifold and fuel rail reverse for install

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The average cost to clean fuel injectors is about $150. Fuel injectors are used to deliver fuel into an internal combustible engine.

What other vehicle fuel injectors will work in place of the 1987 rx7 injectors?

yes - but they have to be top feed injectors. you can also get low and high impedence injectors, i cant rember which the RX7 uses but it has to be the same impedence. CC can change to suit the desired amount of fuel. cheers.

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