Chevy 350

How do you change head gasket in a 1970 Chevrolet truck with 350?

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2007-07-02 10:00:09

it is easy (1)remove belts altenator, power steering pump ,and

all other parts attached to the front of the motor,water pump

also.(2) then remove the carb, then remove the distribiuter (be

sure to mark the place of the first plug wire on thr fire wall and

on the distributer cap).(3) remove the intake you cant take off the

head without removing this. (4) remove the head on the blown side ,

once removed clean off old gasket replace new gasket depending on

what type you may need to apply some blue glue.if it cork then use

some glue to help seal it on ,if its rubber it will seal

itsself.(5)then put everything back together in reverse order of

taking if off. besure your distributer is set right then. you

should be back in working condition

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