How do you change headlight and parklight bulbs in 1994 Subaru Impreza?

I know that when changing the Front headlight you just have unplug the plug, you have to just pull it out, then there is a small tab you grab and start to pull the protective rubber cover off. Then there is a small piece of metal that you have to push it and be real easy the metal bracket type thing holds the light in when you get the metal piece off you have to take the bulb make a half a turn and pull it out. DO NOT TOUCH THE NEW BULB!!!!!!!!!! unplug the old bulb plug in the new one put it back in the hole turn it that half a turn, and you use the metal bracket holder whatever you want to call it, lock the light back in place. VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU DONT GET YOUR RUBBER COVER ON RIGHT THAN THE PLUG WILL NOT PLUG IN THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO GET THAT COVER ON, SO YOU CAN PLUG IN YOUR HEADLIGHT. IT SOUNDS LIKE IT MAY BE KINDA HARD BUT I DID IT LAST NIGHT IN 5 MINUTES.