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How do you change headlight bulb on 2005 equinox?


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October 26, 2009 7:28AM

It is not necessary to remove the entire grill, just the chrome trim piece that extends across both head lights. Use a small flat screwdriver and delicately pry the trim piece towards you. It is held in place by several small plastic tabs that are located across the entire back side of the trim piece. Be VERY careful in doing this as the chrome piece is very brittle & easily broken or damaged. Once you have the trim removed, you will need to remove 3 bolts that retain the headlight assembly and one press-in tab. The bolts have 10mm heads. Two are located on the top of the assembly, one on the lower corner. After removing the 3 bolts, pull the headlight forward to dislodge the lower retaining tab which is on the opposite side of the headlight housing from the lower bolt toward the rear of the housing. Once you have the assembly out, accessing the bulb is simple!
This is not the easiest job to do, so it is a good idea to take painter's tape & protect the paint on the bumper & fender as well as the clear, Lexan part of the headlight assembly.
Take your time, be careful, & you will get it right the first time!

*******************ANOTHER OPTION****************************

For replacing the RF headlamp bulb without disaligning the lamp's output beam:

Open the hood and remove the air intake assembly to access the back of the headlight housing; from here, you may reach the "bulb" by untwisting the coupling that holds the bulb in place. Afterwards you may release the harness/socket through the press-in tab that secures the bulb. Total time needed: 30 minutes.............a single bulb runs about $9 at most auto parts stores.