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get a special screwdriver that is more rippled than a phillips. open your trunk and go to the left inside and unscrew the screw that is directly behind that area of your left turning light. unscrew it and gently pull out your entire rear panel on the back of your car

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Q: How do you change left turn light on a 1992 Saturn?
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What is the firing order for a 1992 Saturn Ion 1.9L?

looking at the coil from left to right 4132

How do you remove front left head light to change bulb?


How to reset 01 Saturn L300 airbag light?

You must first repair the problem that caused the light to come on. This is best left to a professional.

How do you change the rear tail light on a 1999 Saturn SL2?

There are 2 torx screws you need to remove located on the left/right side of the light. You can only see them with the trunk open. Then remove the light assembly. The sockets twist 1/4 a turn and then remove. Replace the light and reinstall assembly

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1992 Volvo 240?

Above your left Knee when you are driving

How do you change a bulb on a sc Saturn back left light?

Assume you mean taillights. Open the trunk, pull back the cover from the taillight, twist the bulb assembly counter-clockwise and the bulb assembly should come out.

How many years does Saturn have?

Saturn has about 3 thousand years left

Change the time on the clock of Saturn Vue?

To set the clock on a Saturn Vue, hold down the RCL button which should be located at the top right panel of the radio. Then you can press down either the right or left Seek buttons to change the time.

Where is the door locks relay located on a 1992 Saturn SL?

It's in the center console below the radio stack.. underneath a cover near your left calf.

How do you change the rear left turn signal bulb on a 1992 Honda accord ex?

Open the trunk, back where the taillight is should be an access panel. Remove the panel and the light harness should twist out.

Which fuse is for the dome light on a 2004 Saturn vue?

passenger side near the left foot behind a panel there are a set of fuses the dome light is located ther with other lights

How do you change a left turn signal on a 97 surburban?

You would need to remove the four screws on the front of the light remove the light from the back and change the bulb replace the light in the opposite way.

How do you change brake light on 94 Saturn SL1?

you need a special screwdriver that is basically rippled more than a phillips. pop your trunk open and look to the far right or left, whatever side you need, and loosen the screw. Then just gently pull out your entire back light panel on the back of your car.

What does the yellow light on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel that looks like the red oil light mean?

needs oil change

How do you change Saturn automatic seat belt?

The belt part is attached to the seat frame and comes out with the seat. The track part is better left to a professional.

Where is back up light switch on 2004 Saturn ion?

Remove left front tire and look above the trans axle shaft on the back of transmission

How do you change the brake light switch on a 1992 Chevy Lumina with Cruise control?

the brake light switch is located on the brake padal bracket just to the right of the steering column mount. you'll need to remove the left underdash sound panel beneath the steering column to get to the switch and connector.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

There is a small black slot on the left of the guage cluster. Put your car key in there, it should reset the light!

Where is the door lock relay located on a 1992 Saturn?

Saturn cars in my opinion are JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ============ Fuse and relay are located by the front passenger left foot (small access door) - there is one fuse and two relays (one for opening and one for closing the door locks..).dh

How do you change a rear indicator in a xsara Picasso?

my rear left indicator and alarm light doesnt work, hoe do I change the bulb?.

How do I change the signal light in a Chevy Express van?

how to change front left turn signal bulb on a 2004 chevy express

Is Saturn Space Junk?

No. Space junk consists of fragments of spacecraft left in space. Saturn is a planet.

Will a Saturn left hand drive steering rack fit on a right hand drive 2001 saturn?

No it will not.

What is the problem with a 1992 Mazda 929 if the left signal is working but not the right signal?

The right side will have a burnt out/ missing light bulb.

What if the left turn signal or the left flasher on 2001 Ford Explorer will not work?

change the bulb .also check for bad ground on that light