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1995 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER 2.4L 4-cyl Engine Code 22R-E


Engine, with Wix Filter 51348..........4.6 quarts

1995 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER 3.0L 6-cyl Engine Code 3V-ZE


Engine, 2WD with Wix Filter 51348..........4.6 quarts

Engine, 4WD with Wix Filter 51348..........4.8 quarts

All you'll need are a few simple tools, enough cans of oil for your particular vehicle, and approximately 20 minutes. Needed Equipment: * Oil Filter Wrench I prefer "Strap Wrench which can be used on oil filters up to a 6" (152mm) diameter. It Strong nylon belt will not slip. Use with 1/2" square drive tools." See link to Wrench below. * As many quarts of oil as your car needs. Refer to your owner's manual for recommendation. * Oil Drain Pan (for draining the old oil into). An something like a gallon milk jugs with screw on lids work great to transport to recycle center or you can purchase an all in one. See link to Oil Pan below. * Wheel ramps * Blocks to wedge behind your tires * Proper size wrench * Funnel * Rags * A new oil filter to fit your make and model Changing the Oil: * Place the wheel ramps under your front tires and drive up on them. * Put on your emergency brakes and place the blocks behind your back tires. * To drain the old oil out of your car, crawl underneath and find the plug on the bottom of your oil pan. * Place your container under the pan and use your wrench to unscrew the plug. * Caution: The oil may be hot and could cause severe burns! Also, the oil will pour out quickly after the plug is removed; let it drain completely. When the oil has stopped draining, replace the plug. Replacing the oil filter: * Make sure you rub a little clean oil on the gasket of the filter to help seat properly. * Find the Oil Cap on the top of the engine it says Oil. * Using the funnel, fill the car up with as many quarts as it requires. Last an Final check:* Once you've added the oil, start the engine while the car is still up on the ramps and let it run a bit, checking for any leaks around your oil filter and oil pan plug. * If you see oil leaking, tighten up the filter some more. * Drive your car off the ramps. ALWAYS dispose of used oil properly, preferably at a location that recycles oil.

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Q: How do you change oil on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?
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