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oil in intake

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Q: You flipped your Toyota 4Runner 1995 now it will start but stall after about 1 second what could be wrong?
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Spark plug gap for 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

could you tell me what is the spark plug gap for toyota 4 runner 1998

Why does your 1986 Toyota 4Runner start for 1 or 2 seconds and then die?

The fuel filter is clogged and needs replaced. The second problem could be the fuel injectors are not pumping sufficient fuel to the engine.

Why is my 1993 Toyota 4runner rear window clunking?

it could need a greasing, but to be safe you should check it to see if any of the parts inside are broken.

My Toyota 4runner 1995 Dome light does not work but all other lights do and the fuses are good and the bulb is new?

could be the wiring to the dome light

Where could one find a used Toyota 4 Runner?

You can find where to purchase a used Toyota 4Runner online at websites such as Auto Trader and Car Gurus. You can also find them for sale by personal sellers on the autos section of eBay.

Why would a 2000 Toyota 4Runner sputter when stopped or in park?

Could be the ignition is too far advanced - Mixture is too weak or simply a small hose has become dislodged from carb

What should it cost to replace Toyota 4runner power steering pump?

It can run between $200 and $300 for a person to replace a Toyota 4 runner power steering pump. It could be cheaper if a person gets the part at a junk yard and makes the change on their own.

Ho much to replace brakes on a 1999 Toyota 4runner?

If you are doing the work it should cost you less than 20 dollars. If you take it to a shop it could cost from 35 dollars to 100 dollars.

Why wont your hubs lock in on a 95' Toyota 4Runner?

There could possibly be broken parts or they simply need to be cleaned. These are basically the 2 ways you can diagnose the problem. If they are not broken then there could be some grit that is binding up causing them not to turn all the way.

Where can one buy a second-hand 1996 Toyota Camry?

There are many places where one could purchase a second-hand 1996 Toyota Camry. One could check online car trading sites such as Auto Trader for information regarding the purchase of this used automobile.

How do you change the starter on 97 Toyota 4Runner V6 Contacts or whole starter?

I've replace the starter for a rebuilt and it spins. I know I've removed 2 screw to many. Could it be I've change the adjustment?

'94 Toyota 4runner sr5 - owner's manual says air condition fuses are behind glove box - removed glove box and there's no fuse bank - where else could this be?

add frenon to truck

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