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How do you change out a window motor for a 1992 Mercedes Benz e190 2.6?



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Start by removing the silver brace on the lock side held by 2 screws. Next you have to unscrew the window latch on top. there is another screw underneath that is sometimes concealed as a manufacturers warranty type deal. Its important to note that the entire door is held together by small white clips and they can easiily be poped off ans lost, my suggestion is when it comes time to take it off have do it in a place where you can see everything that falls off incidentally. Unless you want to crack your wood pannel be carefull with it. If you pull up the metal handle and use a flathead you will revail a screw behind a thin peice of plastic. Unscrew that and get ready to remove the arm rest. There are three screws holding the arm rest one big on e located behind the thin plastic one that you'll need a pretty long Philips for and a third that will be obvious when the others are removed. You will have to tug on the panel. If the wodgran is glued on tight for watever reason try to work around that.

After the pannel is off then there are three screws holding the motor on. I wasted an entire day removing the whole brace and ended up putting the whole thing back together but if you get a socket wrench and feel for these three screws you will save yourself a lot of heart ache. One more tip is make sure you don't knock out the lights from the door panel you could put the whole door back together only to discover there is a wire in there that could mess you quite bad. Test the motor by pluging the two wires in and starting up the car and pressing the window from the center control unit in order not to waste time on a busted replacement getting the panel off is the trickiest part so don't do it twice if you don't have to. You may have to use a crowbar or something to get the pressure off the motors gears though. And finally don't let the glass sip down on your fingers. But I have found it is easier to work on this while it is up FYI. Good Luck!!!