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After Shutting down the filtration system shock the pool with 2 lbs. of granular dichlor per 10,000 gallons.

a heavy and unsightly surface scum will form.

Leave it until the next day by which time it should be laying in a layer on the bottom of the pool. set the filter to waste and vacuum all of the stuff of the bottom to waste.

Stop the pump. Test your water with the Baquacil test kit. If it still shows Baquacil present repeat the procedure but halve the amount of dichlor per 10,000 gallons. The scum will be much lighter . Let the pool sit overnight, vacuum and retest. when the test kit shows no Baquacil present. top up the pool and set it up for chlorine or salt chlorination or what ever other system you have in mind

Note do not vacuum through the filter during this procedure always vacuum to waste.

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Q: How do you change over from baquacil to chlorine or salt?
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If you start using chlorine where once you had Bacquacil what does it do?

Chlorine is not compatible with baquacil. Nor is the saline (salt) system. For info on how to convert off baquacil e-mail me and I will reply with instructions.

You currently have an above ground pool using a Baquacil not chlorine based system Can you convert this system to salt without problems?

You first have to convert the pool to a chlorine system As a salt water system is a chlorine system.

Is making salt by mixing sodium and chlorine together a physical change or a chemical change?


How do you change a chlorine pool into a salt water pool?

To change a chlorine pool into a saltwater pill, it is important to drain it. From there, you want to wash the pool to get the chlorine residue off. Then, you want to buy new equipment. Add water, then add the salt, but not until the pH is balanced.

How much does it cost to change a salt water pool to a chlorine pool?

It doesn't cost any thing. You don't even have to change the water, Just turn the chlorinator of and start adding chlorine like you do in an ordinary pool. The only difference between a salt water pol and a chlorine pool is that a salt water pool uses a chlorinator to make its own chlorine. a fresh water pool has the chlorine added.

How to switch from salt to putting chlorine in pool?

Simple just turn of the salt chlorinator and start treating it as a chlorine pool. A salt water pool is in fact a chlorine pool . the salt in the ater is converted into chlorine gass ellectronicaly and then desolved into the water. If you want to convert to the old way of chlorinating, simply keep an eye on chlorine levels and dont run the chlorinator. Ignore the salt it will weaken over time.

What kind of change occurs when sodium and chlorine combine?

What kind of change occurs when sodium and chlorine combine?

Is table salt an example of chemical change?

Making table salt (NaCl) from sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) is a chemical change but if it is just in a shaker, then no it is not.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for alternatives to chlorine for pool maintenance?

The advantage offered by most 'alternatives' is that they, at best, reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add. The only alternative which does the entire job on its own is the Saline (salt) System and although it produces 'chlorine' (from salt dissolved in the pool water) it results in NONE of the obnoxious features attributed to chlorine - no skin irritations, no chlorine odors, no red eyes, no hair damage. A saline pool does not need 'shock' chemicals nor does it require algaecides. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into believing that baquacil is a good alternative.

What kind of pool is cheapest out of salt water and chlorine?

I have found my salt pool much cheaper than chlorine. If you also factor in the labor with a chlorine pool then you really see a difference.Combine the salt generator with an automatic pool cleaner and the pool is almost maintenence free. Last year I only added a little stabalizer to the pool. that's it. the water tests are always perfect. I live in south Florida. A: both in the above are essentially the same thing. With one you add the chlorine manually. With the other it is manufactured on site in the pool thru the salt system. That same system is how they make liquid chlorine. Please get into your minds that they are not totally two different animals. If you were talking about Baquacil and Chlorine then you do have a difference. Period.

Is salt in chlorine?

Salt is made up of two elements, chlorine and sodium.

What better salt system or chlorine?

A salt system makes chlorine, that's what its there for.

How is salt different from chlorine?

Ordinary salt is a compound formed from sodium and chlorine.

Would using salt over chlorine decrease evaporation in my pool?

A salt water pool is nodifferent from a chlorine pool as the salt is put in the pool to make chlorine electronically and no it would make no difference to evaporation. There is a product available that reduces evaporation and heat loss known as heatsavr.

Is making salt by mixing sodium and chlorine together a physical or chemical change?


Can you have a salt water hot tub and a chlorine pool without cross contamination?

You cannot "contaminate" a chlorine pool or spa with salt or vice versa. Chlorine starts as salt. Chlorine generators use salt to make chlorine. Therefore your "salt" spa is already a chlorine spa, you are just not putting chlorine tablets in it. It is a very common misconception that a salt system is some how different than a chlorine system. There are no "salt generators" and the salt does nothing other than allow a "chlorine generator" to produce chlorine. We get this question almost every day and it's generally because customers are "sold" not "told" about the product they purchased. If you were expecting anything other than purchasing a device that makes chlorine from salt, you will be disappointed. Pool & Spa

Is salt dissolved in water a chemical or physical change?

Dissolving salt in water is an example of a physical change. Although the ions of sodium and chlorine separate when the salt dissolves, no chemical reaction takes place.

Can you use salt in a swimming pool without a chlorine generator?

Absolutely! It is very common for customers to want the feel of saltwater without the chlorine generator. ALL CHLORINE POOLS CONTAIN SALT. Chlorine reverts back to salt when used so every pool that has chlorine in it also has salt.

Is the salt or chlorine more abrasive for your skin?

Chlorine is more abrasive for your skin. Salt is much more natural and better for you. But if you have a salt system in your pool, you are still producing chlorine.

How do you change a vinyl inground chlorine sand filter pool to a salt?

Need to rephrase question.

Why does a pool change blond hair green?

It is the chlorine. it doesnt happen in salt water pools

Do saltwater pools attract more snakes than chlorine pools?

Here is the deal. a "salt water pool" IS a chlorine pool. Only difference is, on a chlorine pool u add chlorine. In a salt pool u add salt and a "Salt Generator" turns the sslt into chlorine... so really both pools use chlorine.... Just saves u the trouble of messing with chlorine and chlorine shocks..

Can I Mix salt in a chlorine pool?

Do you have a system installed at the equipment pad that will convert the salt to chlorine? If not, then NO!.

Is a salt water or chlorine pool better?

A Salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in the case of a saltwater pool there is a chlorinater fited inline that converts the salt into chlorine automaticaly, Meaning that you don't have to purchace any chlorine to keep up chlorine levels.

How do you switch from a chlorine based pool care system to a salt water system in a fiberglass pool following a season that left our pool water in a chlorine demand state?

Check with a pool company. The change involves a change in chemicals as well as with the pump and circulating equipment. The salt water system is much easier to maintain, the salt is cheaper than the other type of chemicals and it is easier on your pool surface. A salt system IS a chlorine system. chlorine is still the sanitizer. You have the salt so a chlorine generator can make chlorine instead of you having to buy it and deal with it. When you add up the costs, a salt system normally is NOT cheaper per year with replacement and initial outlay costs. The cost for a salt system normally runs from $600 to $1200 PLUS installation. The pump and other equipment does NOT have to be changed. Electricity has to be supplied to the new salt control panel and some replumbing to accommodate the salt cell.

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