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Loosen the top of the brake reservoir. You will then need a c clamp, and an old pad to force the piston back into it's bore.

IF U use a C-Clamp 2 compress the Calipher Piston YOU need 2 loosen the Bleeder Screw because U don't want 2 push (old Dirty Brake Fluid) Back up into the Master Cylinder BECAUSE if U have an ANTI-LOCK System U can DAMAGE the Brake Unit with OLD & dirty Fluid-U need 2 change the brake fluid every 2 years-IF the Piston is really hard 2 REtract then U MIGHT need a CALIPHER MAKE sure the C-Clamp is CENTERED on the Piston B 4 U start.

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Q: How do you change pads on a 1993 Ford F150 when the piston will not slide in easily?
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