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Here is what I did. I purchased a kit from a foreign car parts store that had pistons with rings intalled and new cylinders. It only takes 4 bolts to remove the engine, the hard part is you have to lift the back of the car to get the engine out. Be sure to purcahsed a full gasket kit becaus eyou hae to pul the cylinder heads off. It was not too difficult, I consider myself mechancily inclined.

Also, there is a book named something like the Beetle Bilbe you can pick up your local book store.

On a 1200? You do NOT want to do this.

Here's why: The 1200cc pistons (77mm bore) are really expensive since almost no one uses them anymore. (The only people who DO use them are SCCA Formula Vee racers, and racing stuff is always expensive.) I would guess that for the $400 a set of 77mm jugs costs, you can upgrade the engine to a 1600. You'll need to have the case and heads machined to get them to fit.

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Q: How do you change piston rings on 1200 ccm Beetle motor?
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What is a piston ring compressor?

It is a spring metal sleeve that goes over a piston to compress the rings so that the piston can be install in the motor. It tightens down on the piston, forcing the rings into the grooves in the piston then you tap it into the cylinder.

How do you change piston rings on a VW beetle 1.8 turbo?

Well u pour petrol all over the inteior then throw you and yurself in with warning may get hot

Can Change piston rings from bottom 97 cavalier?

No, the piston won't fit out the bottom

How do you remove the comperssion rings on a 1974 VW Beetle?

There are specialty tools available to make this alot easier,piston ring expanders or pliers will help remove and install rings.

How do you change pistons rings yz85?

Hyundai coup 1985 2 door piston rings how much

Why there is rings in piston?

The piston rings create a seal between the piston and the cylinder wall.

Ford 300 motor has lots of blow by?

blowby is caused by broken and worn piston rings

How do you fix excessive oil blow by?

put in new piston rings or rebuild kit for the entire motor

Why is the 3rd cylinder weak on my 1973 volkswagen beetle?

head gasket or piston rings, have a leak down test done in it to confirm gasket failure

How the piston rings are removed from piston?

Gently, they break easily. They also make tools to R&R piston rings to avoid breaking the rings.

Describe the parts of a motor and how they use electric current to turn an axle?

The parts of a motor includes the valves,piston rings,piston and the cylinder just but to mention a few. It uses the power of the magnetic fields to convert electricity into motion.

Where is piston rings located in engine?

The piston rings are fitted round the piston to make a better gas-tight fit in the cylinder.

What parts needed to change piston rings?

ring groove cleaner (if needed) and piston ring pliers (can just use your hand or needle nose)

Why split rings are used in dc motor?

The split rings cause the direction of the magnetic field in the armature to change direction as the motor rotates. If this didn't happen the motor would not rotate. Slip rings can be used for an AC motor which causes the direction of the magnetic field to change with the AC waveform.

What does it mean when you change your spark plugs and there is oil on them?

Bad piston rings or valves not seating properly.

How do you run large engine with broken piston rings?

Running an engine with broken piston rings will cause damaging scoring in the piston chamber, and is not to be recommended.

What causes 305 motor to smoke?

The Piston rings are probably worn causing oil to get into the combustion chamber which causes smoke when burned

How do you repair Saturn SL2 piston rings?

You don't. The only solution to damaged piston rings is to take the engine block out of the car and replace the rings.

What is a piston ring expander?

The purpose of a piston ring expander is to make it easier remove and install piston rings. Because of the low torque they use, they help to prevent damage to the piston rings.

The purpose of the piston rings is to?

On the outside of a piston near its top are two or more grooves that hold steel piston rings. The piston rings are used to form a seal between the piston and the cylinder. The material between the ring grooves is often called the ring lands.

Should the gap be closed on piston rings?

The gap should be closed on piston rings because of if there will gap on piston rigs it cause leakage of gasses which are produced by the ignition of air-fule mixture to provide force on piston by which piston reciprocate in piston chamber, it provide power stroke. If there will be gap on piston rings power stroke will not be provide...... AMIT DAGAR

What are the part of piston?

The piston is one piece that consists of the piston top or dome and the skirt. Attached to the piston is the piston rod and the rings.

What does it mean whenyour exhaust blows blue smoke only when climbing hills?

The piston rings in the motor are bad. Very expensive fix.

How are the piston rings installed i.e. numbers up or down on a 96 geo 1.3 liter?

Piston rings are always installed with the numbers up toward the top of the piston

In a typical automotive engine the piston contains?

Oil rings Combustion rings Piston rod Piston rop cap