How do you change piston rings on 1200 ccm Beetle motor?

Here is what I did. I purchased a kit from a foreign car parts store that had pistons with rings intalled and new cylinders. It only takes 4 bolts to remove the engine, the hard part is you have to lift the back of the car to get the engine out. Be sure to purcahsed a full gasket kit becaus eyou hae to pul the cylinder heads off. It was not too difficult, I consider myself mechancily inclined.

Also, there is a book named something like the Beetle Bilbe you can pick up your local book store.

On a 1200? You do NOT want to do this.

Here's why: The 1200cc pistons (77mm bore) are really expensive since almost no one uses them anymore. (The only people who DO use them are SCCA Formula Vee racers, and racing stuff is always expensive.) I would guess that for the $400 a set of 77mm jugs costs, you can upgrade the engine to a 1600. You'll need to have the case and heads machined to get them to fit.