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Changing a Punto rear lampThere are two bolts to be unfastened to release the whole of the rear light cluster. The first is inside the car, just to the side above the top of the rear seat. The bolt can be unfastened using the plastic tool which is in in the boot with the spare wheel. Also, this bolt may be covered with a plastic clip, to match the vinyl at the rear of the car. The second bolt is hidden inside the boot; the 'carpet' in the boot may need to be pulled back near the rear light cluster. Once the two bolts have been removed (with care, don't drop them down the cavity), the rear light cluster can be removed. Next, unclip the plug to the light cluster so that it can be removed. Finally, unscrew the rear of the light cluster (four screws) and replace the bulb. This has to be the worst design ever and makes changing a lamp quite a hastle!



There is a good video on YouTube how to do this:

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Q: How do you change rear lights on a Fiat Punto?
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