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Try resetting the computer first, you do this by disconnecting the battery for 5 min and then reconnecting it. You may want to check the fuse for the 4 wheel drive first.

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How do you change a ignitoin swith on 1993 grand am with a 3.3 liter?

how do you change an ignitoin swith on a 1993 grand am with a 3.3 liter

1995 Chevy s-10 blazer?

where is the fuel shut off swith on a 1995 Chevy s -10 blazer at

How do you change a choke on an ATV?

Their should be a red swith on one of the handles.

Kill swith for a 1996 Chevy s 10?

If you talkiing about a fuel pump kill switch, that vehicle does not have one.

How do you remove a lock cylinder from a ignition swith without a key on a 1965 Chevy?

Without the key you are going to have to drill it out.

Your ipod nano is not working it sHow is the waiting icon when you swith on?

the icon is on the lower right hand corner.

What is swith?

a swith is a leather whip slaves were beaten with.

Why do brakes activate when you make a sharp turn on a 2002 Chevy trailblazer?

sounds like you have traction control and the brakes a activating to keep the car from going out of control and into a spin Make sure your not in 4-wheel drive. It feels like the front brakes are engaging during sharp turns. My '02 Trailblazer has undergone two transfer case switch replacements (the knob on the dash - 2 LO, 4 LO, 4 HI ). The transfer case would swith to 4 Hi and 4 Lo whenever it wanted !

Where is the best place to buy an ignition swith key for a Chevy?

The best place would be a Chevrolet dealership. But a good locksmith could also provide that service.

Where is the oil pressure switch located on a 2000 Chevy S10?

I`m not sure if the swith is the same on a 2000 S10 but the 93`s have it mounted to the oil filter housing.I you.

Will a Chevy 350 engine bolt on a 1994 jeep wrangler transmission?

No. I'm pretty sure you would have to swith the entire drivetrain. Engine, tansmission and transfer case.

How do you replace the starter relay swith Chevy s10?

Pull the old one out and push the new one in. Depending on what year S10 you have, they have the relay mounted in different places.

How do unlock a HCT TV which asks for key when you swith on?

How do unlock a hct tv which asks for key when you swith

Where is the Oil pressure swith on 04 trailblazer?

The oil pressure switch/sender on my 2003 Trailblzer, (L6 engine) is directly above the oil filter. It threads in from the passenger side. It is a pain to get to, even with a 1-1/16" deep-well socket.

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When the swith is closed the circuit is?

200is your answer

Where is your oil pressure switch on a 1990 Chevy Silverado?

the oil pressure swith should be down never the oil filter it screws into the neck that the oil filter is attached in a 4.3lt v-6 that is

1997 Chevy Tahoe will not start. I have replaced the fuel pump and it turns over but still will not start.?

Possible bad crank sensor on the distributor, possible bad oil pressure swith.

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How do you change fuel filter on big block Chevy?

If this motor is stock, with the quadra-jet carb, then you have to remove the fuel line, where it goes into thew carb. Now, the big fitting that the line goes into, has to be removed, and then you will see a little brass, cup looking thing, with a point in the center. This is the fuel filter. You can eliminate it, and go swith a Fram G2, in line, or something similar, which will be easier to change, in the future.

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