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How do you change the AC compressor on a Cutlass Supreme?

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2010-05-20 03:18:07

I have a 95 3.4 and it's on the passenger side of the engine,

first you have to remove the belt, best to also remove the radiator

fan, disconnect the negative side battery cable, remove the

connection to the a/c hose, remove the wire plug attached to the

condenser, then remove the 3 bolts on the flywheel side of the

compressor. you should also replace the accumulator, all the

o-rings and add 4 oz. of pag 150 a/c oil, 4 oz. in the accumulator

and 4oz in the compressor, turn the compressor 10 times. Change the

orifice which is right after the high side service plug. reconnect

everything while changing the o-rings and adding oil to them.

Vacuum pump the system for about 45 minutes, reconnect the battery

terminal. then add freon at the service plug while the ac is set

high and car is running. 37 lbs for my car. Hope this helps you and

check your service manual for your particular cutless supreme

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