How do you change the Transmission Filter in a 2000 Malibu?

jack up car to make access to transmission pan, loosen bolts on pan(do not take bolts out). loosen front pan bolts as to let the fluid drain out. when fluid is drained out into a suitable pan, remove all bolts that hold pan, the original gasket can be reused that has steel inserts in bolt holes if it is still in good shape. once filter is removed (just pull it out of sleeve). pry old sleeve out, be careful not to damage block. put in new sleeve to hold filter in place install new filter. replace pan and bolts. do all bolts hand tight. then go and torque all bolts to 108 in lbs or 9 ft lbs.working around pan. when you get a transmission filter most parts places give a rubber gasket, do not use this for you will bend pan if torqeing to 9 ft lbs, I did that and had to get another pan and gasket, the original gasket has steel inserts at bolt holes. refill transmission fluid approx 7.5 quarts. check for leaks.