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How do you change the transmission filter on a 2000 Honda Prelude?


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According to a web based filter company, they noted that the transmission has to be dismantled to replace the filter.


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How do i take the fuel filter off my honda prelude si 1989

I don't believe Honda Element automatic transmission has a filter.

You don't. It has a lifetime internal filter in the transmission.

You don't. Most Honda transmission have a non-serviceable filter that is located inside the transmission. The transmission must be disassembled to get at the filter. It is designed to last the life of the transmission. By the time the filter is clogged, the transmission needs overhauling.

It has no filter on the trans-axle. If you are talking about the transmission filter, then it is inside the transmission.

I had my fluids changed in my transmission, and they told me the filter was internal....and they did not replace it!

Remove the transmission pan on the bottom of the transmission. The filter is mounted to the valve body of the transmission.

Inside the transmission. Most Honda transmission filters are non servicable. The transmission must be removed to change the filter. By the time the filter needs changing, the transmission needs rebuilding. Change the fluid and forget the filter.

no xmsn filter. just drain and fill, that is all.

It has a permanent filter that is changed when you have the fluid changed.

You don't. It does have a strainer inside the transmission that is permanent.

They do if it is an automatic transmission. The Prelude (except Si) has the same manual transmission as well. The Prelude Si has a slightly different manual transmission, but it will still fit into a 1986-1989 Accord.

does a 2001 Honda civi have a transmission sensor an if so were it located at

I have a 1997 base Prelude. When you change the oil and replace the filter it's 5.1 Qts.

Most Honda's have an internal, non-serviceable filter that is only changed when the transmission is rebuilt. Call a Honda dealer to be sure.

Change all the transmission fluid and replace the filter.

you have to take of the tranny of the motor

You have to take the glove box right out, there is a filter housing behind it that is not visible with the glove box still in

Honda Automatic transmissions use an internal filter that is designed for the life of the transmission. It is extremely rare that one would have to be changed. Also do not do a power flush on a Honda transmission as it will ruin the internal seals.

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