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First off, Chevrolet only recommends a 50,000 replacement of the air filter element. That doesn't make them right but they did make the car.

Now, since the 2.2 and 2.4 use the same filter element, I can only assume that your 2.2 replacement is the same as my 2.4


1) Remove the lower clamp from the front rubber hose (air horn)

2) Pull up on the entire housing (gently but firmly ... don't yank it) and disengage it from the engine

3) loosen and remove the clamp to the flexible air intake hose on the right side of the engine (at the air cleaner side ince the hose goes through the wheel house)

4) With the air cleaner housing removed from the engine compartment, turm the housing over and remove the seven screws holding the lower part of the housing to the upper.

5) Remove and replace the filter element

6) Re-assemble in reverse order

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