How do you change the alternator on a 2001 2.6 v6 vectra?

It is a nightmare... I was quoted £1100 by vauxhall to do the job, labour only, so did it myself. You have to put the car on front stands, remove the o/s wheel and half shaft, drop the wishbone out of the way, remove the right hand sub frame bolts and loosen the left. Support the engine and undo the right hand side engine mounts and loosen the left. Jack up the engine as much as you can and prise down the sub frame as much as you can. This should leave enough room to remove the alternator out through the small gap that the half shaft left behind when removed. Its not easy, and takes some fiddling to get the alternator out and just as much fiddling to get it back in. Vauxhall said they would have scrapped the car if it had come in on a part-ex, not worth the effort to change the alternator... So good luck if you do it yourself. Oh, and to get to the starter motor its pretty much the same, just harder again as its deeper into the engine hole... :o(