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How do you change the battery in a 1992 Pulsar Nissan key fob?


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2014-10-15 00:35:20

if you cannot pop it open then you either contact Nissan or throw it in the lake?

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easier to bring it in to a fast change place of your choice... almost cheaper and easier to let them do it

1992 nissan maxima security light flashes when open door and car is not starting cranks well, cleaned battery terminals.

disconnect the battery cables. find the battery clamp and remove it. Lift the battery out, then set then new one in place. Install the clamp, then connect the battery cables.

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The battery is located beneath the rear seat. Give the rear seat a good upward yank to release from the snap-in holders. The battery is on the passenger side.

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First take the cables off then the hold down then lift the battery out. Clean the battery box with a mixture of soda and water then spray it with WD40 then install the new battery and clean the cables before you reinstall them.

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Disconnect the battery, loosen tensoiner, " the top middle wheel, under distributor cap" disconnect the wires on the alternator , unbolt and good to go

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