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I looked it up one time... you have to pretty much remove the entire dashboard... that is why it costs so much to have it done at the dealer.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-09 15:20:30
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Q: How do you change the clock light bulb in a 2000 Honda odyssey?
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How do you change the clock light on your 2000 Honda CR-V?

The clock light is an integral part of the clock and is not replacable by itself

How do you replace the clock light in 2001 Honda Odyssey?

How do you change the clock light in a 1999 Cr-v Honda?

There is no back light for the clock. The clock numbers are actually LED's - there is no way to replace them - the entire clock will have to be replaced.

Honda Odyssey abs light on?

Honda odessy abs light on when driving

What does it mean when the oil light flashes on 2001 Honda odyssey?

That means time to change transmission

What is wrong with a 2002 Honda odyssey when the maitanence light blinks ten times?

It's time to change the oil.

Where do you buy the clock light on a 2001 Honda accord?


How do you change the map light bulb on a Honda Odyssey?

Just pop off the plastic lens... easiest if you pry from the middle.

How do you fix the backlight of your clock so you can read it at night on a 2000 Honda Accord Ex V6?

you take off the dashbord and get to the clock to change the light

How do you replaced tail light bulb on a 2005 Honda odessy?

How do i remove the tail light on a 2005 Honda odyssey to rpleced the light bulb.

Why do D4 light flashes in Honda Odyssey?

There is a problem with the transmission and you need to get it to either honda or a mechanic.

What bulb does Honda Odyssey 2003 use?

See sources and related links below for 2003 Honda Odyssey light bulb lamp list.

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