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How do you change the clock on a 1991 Buick LeSabre?


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Press the set button then within 10 seconds press the seek and scan buttons to change time.


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Type "1991 Buick photos" into your search engine. If you are interested in a particular Buick Model then add that model such as "1991 Buick LeSabre photo".

Turn on the power knob for the radio/clock. Wait until the clock display shows up. Press "set", and use the "scan" and "seek" buttons to set the time. Hope this helps!

The instrument cluster is what houses the speedometer, and the gauges.

Not with out a lift kit ! You will tear your tires up !

Yes, you can siphon gas out of a 1991 Buick LeSabre, which is handy if you happen to put diesel into the tank rather than gasoline. Just use a hose with a pump or some type of suction device to remove the bad gasoline from the tank.

The flywheel has to be held in place by a holding tool, Remove the mounting bolt, then use a balancer remover to pull the harmonic balancer.

these bands are not adjustable for the do it yourselfers. leave this one to a pro

Check for burnt out bulbs and could be a bad flasher as well.

fuel gauge sender and pump are in the gas tank (which must be removed).

this will be a 3 step process for 1991 buick lesabre step 1) 35 ft-lbs all bolts step 2) turn an additional 130 degrees step 3) turn the center 4 bolts an additional 30 degrees

Under the left rear passenger door, hidden above a hose holder.

I have a 1991 Buick LeSabre and I believe its on the passenger side in between the firewall and engine. I believe it becomes more accessible if you take off the right front wheel and then remove the wheel well plastic shroud.

there is 3 wires to the starter disconnect them. Then remove the mounting bolts and detach the starter the reverse to installation

Under the engine you must take off the cylinders to reach it there is no other way except for the auto shop.

It goes in where your dipstick is in the back of motor compartment

Depends on what type of 1991 Buick you're referring to...

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