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How do you change the clock on a 2002 Cavalier?


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2005-11-14 20:00:46

If your radio does not have the hour and minute buttons below the tuning knob, try this to change the clock. Push and hold the down arrow by the audio button. this will change the hour. Push and hold the up arrow to change the minutes.


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To set the clock on a 2002 Chevy cavalier you must press and hold one of the arrow keys located near the clock. You will hear a "beep" this is letting you know that your car is ready to set the clock. Quickly after you hear this beep, press the arrow buttons up and down and that changes the time. Leave it alone after the time is set and it will set itself permently until you change it again!! Very easy!

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In the lower right corner of the sterio are two buttons. Under them are the words HOURS MINS.. Hold them down one at a time and it will change the time so you can set it.

press and hold the clock button then push the seek/scan to change

Depending on the set up. The hour/ min buttons are located on the lower right corner buttons if it is a CD player. Hold the buttons down to set the time. If you Cavalier has a set button, hold it down and while the set light is on use the seek and scan buttons to set the clock. If your 2002 Chevy Cavalier does not have a "set button" like mine, then hold down the "up/down" arrows located in the right corner for a few seconds and the time will change. down/hours up/minutes.

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Well, if it is like my 2002 Ford Windstar, you press and hold the clock button and use the seek and tune buttons to change the hours and minutes.

all engines in 2002 cavalier have timing chains.gmjim I just purchased a 2002 Cavalier with a DOHC engine. I think that it owuld have a belt instead of a chain.

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A 2002 Chevy cavalier 2.2l needs 10.7 (qts) of silicate free antifreeze.

There is not a dipstick for the 2002 Cavalier. It is a closed transmission so it must be taken into a shop to be checked.

depends on if it is the input sensor (mounted in the transmission) or the output (on the passenger side transaxle)

Look in the owner's manual. You will be relieved to know it is very easy. Locate the Tune button and at the bottome of it there are 2 small buttons, one to the left and the right. When you depress them it will cahne the hour(left) and the right will change the minute. Cathleen

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