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Just go to a junkyard and buy a whole unit. Fixing the clock in one of these is probably about impossible. Most yards sell these for under $20 VBD

New Andwer HeadlineSetting the electronic radio clock differs a bit between unit types and years, but it is done either by pulling carefully the scan button or volume button with the radio off - try the scan first (hours) - and the search button or tuning button - again, try the search button first (minutes). Do not pull them off, just lightly. Some units have a separate "set" button that must be pushed; then the time can be changed by simultaneously pushing the scan (hours) and search (minutes) buttons.


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Q: How do you change the clock on original AM-FM cassette radio in 1989 Brougham?
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clockThere's a button by the cassette player that says display, press that and then also at same time press left arrow to change hour or right arrow to change minutes.

How do you set the clock on 1988 Cadillac Brougham this is not the smaller sized Cadillac Fleetwood and there is no set button on the AM FM Cassette player?

Turn the ignition to run. On the radio controls, PULL the scan button out to set the hour. Once the the hour is correct, PULL the seek button out to set the minutes.

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Push the set button then use the seek and scan buttons on the radio

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1991-1993 DeVille reset clock in radio on models W/Cassette: 1. Ignition on. 2. Radio on. 3. Press and release "set" button. 4. Within 5 seconds push "scan" button until the clock is at the correct hour. 5. Press and release "set" button. 6. Within 5 seconds push "seek" button until the clock is at the correct minute. Done

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