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How do you change the cluster in a 1988 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?

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2008-01-02 23:53:56

You have to remove the dash upper pad and the lower dash trim

under the steering column. The shift indicator cable clips to the

steering column. You dont need to remove all of the wood trim

around climate control, etc. Only the small section under column

and the plastic lower panel that is dash colored.

There are 3 dash pad screws in the defroster grille, one in each

a/c vent. (carefully pry the 4 vents out from each end) There is

also one, if not two screws going straight up into the dash just to

the left of where it says "cadillac". They are accessed through

holes in the top of the glove box liner. The screw requires a 7mm

or 9/32 socket on long nut driver or ratchet and extension. Be

careful disconnecting the in car temp sensor directly behind the

word "cadillac". Once dash pad is out of the way there are 3

cluster screws and 2 holding a black trim bezel located directly

under the cluster face. The cluster has to tip towards you to in

order to allow the PRND321 indicator to clear the dash. Be sure the

dental floss like cable is unclipped from the steering column

shifter collar first. This applies to all 1985-1993 FWD Deville,

Fleetwood, and 60 Special.

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