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BIG JOB Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it has pictures .

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Q: How do you change the cv drive axles on a 94 Ford Probe with a manual trans?
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How do you adjust the weight between each tractor trailer axle?

If you have a sliding fifth wheel, you can transfer weight from the drive axles to the steer axle by sliding it forward, or you can transfer weight from the steer axle to the drive axles by sliding it back. If you have sliding tandems on your trailer, you can transfer weight from the drive axles to the trailer axles by sliding the trailer axles forward, or you can transfer weight from the trailer axles to the drive axles by sliding the tandem axles back. If you don't have these options, you have to readjust your load.

Slight problem with transmission swap on 02 ford probe you swapped it with a Mazda 626 transmission and installation went well until you tried to install drive axles and found out it was a turbo 626?

Slight problem with your question... There is no such thing as a 2002 ford Probe :( last model year for the ford probe = 1997.

What do you mean by 6x2 or 6x4 or 6x6 when it comes to chassis?

Half of the the first number is number of axles. Half of the second number shows number of drive axles. 6x2----3axles, 1 is drive axle 6x4----3axles, 2 are drive axles 6x6----3 axles, all 3 drive axles

Does your 94 Mercury Sable have a drive axel?

There are two drive axles - one for each front wheel. These are also known as 'half-axles'.

Is the 1998 Dodge Intrepid a front wheel drive car?

yes, just look behind the front tires for the cv axles, or read the owners manual

What is a tandem tractor?

It has two drive axles.

How many axles are there on a car?

4-wheeled cars have 4 axles. Depending on the type of drive-train that the car uses, some of the axles might only be stub axles or hubs, and some axles might be referred to as 'spindles', but they are all, 'axles', nonetheless.

What axle is the drive axle on a triaxle?

A tri-axle has two live axles and a lift axle.. if it's located in front of the drive axles, it's known as a pusher... if it's located behind the drive axles, it's known as a tag axle. With a tandem axle setup (which is what tri-axles, quad axles, etc. are, albeit with the addition of dead axles), the driveshaft runs from the transmission output to the power divider. The power divider is a differential which transmits power evenly to both live axles.

How many axles does a tandem dump truck have?

Three - the two drive axles, and the steer axle.

How do you move weight on semi trailer?

The question's a bit vague. If you're referring to distributing weight once you're loaded, it depends on what your trailer has for axles. If you have fixed tandems or a fixed spread axle, you would have to move the load itself. If you have sliding tandems, you can move them forward to shift weight from the drive axles to the trailer axles, or you can move them back to shift weight from the trailer axles to the drive axles. If you have a sliding fifth wheel, you can move that forward to shift weight from the drive axles to the steer axle, or you can move it back to shift weight from the steer axle to the drive axles.

Replacement of drive shaft on 1996 voyger?

The front axles do not have a removable shaft, you must replace axles completly.

What size socket do you need to change the wheel bearings on 1998 GMC Jimmy front and back axles?

Need to know if 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive for the front. Either way, there is no nut on the back axles.

What Trucks have 3 axles?

A truck with three axles,(1 steering and 2 drive axles) is called a tandem.A trailer with 3 axles is called a tridem or a triaxle depending on the spacing between the axles.Number of axles is not specific to any one manufacture.

Must you pull both drive axels to change a 1994 626 4 cylinder transmission?

Yes, you must pull both axles to change any transmission, Mazda or not.


On a rear wheel drive vehicle, the rear axles transfer power from the rear differential to the rear wheels.

What is 6x4 drive?

This is typical for tandem axle trucks. Two axles are live axles, and the driveshaft goes into a power divider. The power divider supplies power to both axles.

Can you put chains on Chevy Tracker tires?

Yes Type "S" chains only page 5-71 of the manual. on drive axles on 4 wheel do both axles.regards HHH

How many axles does a rear wheel drive car have?


How many axles does an 18 wheeler have?

What's typically referred to as an 18 wheeler has five axles - steer axle, two drive axles, two trailer axles. Tractor-trailer combinations can have less or more,, depending on the application.

How do you figure axel weight on a semi truck?

Well, you either go to a CAT scale, which weighs each groups of axles separately, or, if you're on a scale which only shows gross weight, then you axle out. You drive onto the scale and stop with only your steer axle on the scale. Then you write down that weight, and pull forward until your drive and steer axles are both on the scale. Then you write down that weight, and subtract the weight of your steer axle to get the weight on your drive axles. Then you pull forward until all axles are on the scale. This will be your gross weight, and you subtract the weight you got when you had the drive and steer axles on the scale in order to get the weight on your trailer axles.

What is the best way to load freight on a tractor trailer?

It depends on what the freight is and what the trailer is. If it's vehicles, you typically drive them on and off. If you have a van trailer with sliding tandems, you would ideally want the weight distributed fairly evenly between your drive and trailer axles. If you had a trailer with spread axles, you would want more weight towards the trailer axles, since you're allowed 40,000 lbs. on a set of 10 ft. spread axles, as opposed to 34,000 lbs. on your drive axles.

How often is it recommend to get an oil change in Infiniti g37?

Change the oil as recommended in your owner's manual. If you have no manual then change it every 5,000 miles unless you drive mostly short trips. In that case change it every 4,000 miles.

What is the turning radius of a semi truck?

Varies according to wheelbase of the power unit, and the bridge length between the drive axles and trailer axles.

What is a tandem dump truck?

A dump truck with two drive axles.

What is tandem trucks?

A tandem truck is a truck with two drive axles.