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fuse in number 25 take it out and it will go back to mph.on any car with this prob a fuse slot will say engish to metric. if you put a fuse in it will chanage to metric

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How do you change digital display from mph to km on Ford Escape?

To change the digital display from mph to kph on a Ford Escape you push the small reset button near the odometer. This will change your mileage statistics from mph to kph.

How do you change digital display from km to mph on ford focus?

Push in the trip odometer button and hold down. The digital display will change from KM to MPH. You may have to hold the button down for about 15 seconds.

How do you change the digital display from km to mph on a explorer?

how do I change from kilometers to miles on the odometer. I have tried the reset on 2009 Ford Explorer

How do you change the digital speedometer on a 1998 Chevy lumina from kilometer to miles?

It is a fuse that has been placed in fuse slot 25 in fuse box on the passenger side. Remove this 10 amp fuse and it will return to MPH. Whitesides

How do you reset a digital odometer on a 96 lumina from kph to mph?

it's a fusefuse in number 25.pull it out.or look on yhe diagram for a fuse that say's English metric.if one is in it will be metric

How do you change the digital display from km to mph on a Renault?

Renault Scenic # Enter vehicle DO NOT TOUCH THE BRAKE OR CLUTCH. # Press and HOLD DOWN 3 (the rocker type switch on the column that moves between MPG and servicing messages etc) # Insert Card into slot # Hold in (4) Starter Button, KEEP BOTH 3 AND 4 HELD IN # MPH on dash will flash then flash in KPH, when it stops flashing it is set Change back to MPH the same way. Hope this helps

Would 1996 Chevy lumina security light being on and having trouble with car not shifting and not going over 20 mph with high rpm?

Absolutely not. Change the transmission filter.

Where is the speedometer on a 91 Lumina?

Should be the dial right in the center of the dashboard, the one that says "MPH" on it

Can you change speedo from kph to mph on Honda dn01?

Push the set button until the odometer reading appears. Press and hold the reset button until the display switches from kph to mph or vice versa.

2001 Chevy lumina missing between 30 to 40 mph?

Car needs to go to the junk yard. Its

93 Chevy lumina z34 revs but wont move past 10 mph?

Trany shot replace

How do you change the kilometers per hour to miles per hour on a 1989 Lincoln mark VII?

There is a kmh/mph button by the date and time display third from right

How do you change fps to mph?

Conversion: fps x 0.682 = mph

What makes a 1991 Chevy lumina hesitate at 65 miles per hour or going up hills?

why does my 1991 Chevy lumina that when going up a hill or when it reaches approximatly 65 mph starts hestitating, when cars get older they do that.

What is the top acceleration or speed of a 1993 Chevy lumina What if the speedometer reads 85 mph but is it capable to break 100 mph?

they're governed at 105. without the governor, I'm sure i could keep pushing mine.

How change speedo from klm to miles on Renault espace?

Turn ignition to 'accessories' (not 'ignition on'), then press the trip computer button for about a second, and release. The display should flash 'km/h / mph'. Press the 'M' of the hours and minutes clock adjustment, at the left of the display, to select the speedo reading you want.

How do you change knots in mph?

Multiply by 1.1508

How do you change the dash into kmh from mph?

To change MPH to KPH multiply by 1.60934. If you are referring to a particular make and model of car dashboard then more specifics are required.

What is top speed of Honda ATC 250R?

55 mph and over 60 mph with a sprocket change.

Does rim or tire size change mph?

A change in overall tire height will change speedometer accuracy.

How do you reset the service indicator on 2006 Mercedes E350 4-matic?

First you key on #1 position. Then you go to MPH display in the cluster. Press trip odometer knob three times (QUICK) and voltage will appear on display. Then you select service menu using + or -. Then the Service Indicator Displays Items Press the menu systems button until the MPH display appears.

How do you change meters per second to mph?

Use this formula: meters per second x 2.2369 = mph

How do you change 1.62 meters per second to mph?

Use this formula:meters per second x 2.237 = mph 1.62 x 2.237 = about 3.6 mph

How fast does Cole Hamels pitch?

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How much is 60 mph pitch in little league is equivalent to mlb?

approx. 78 to 80 mph, such as the change up.